The Song To End All Songs


8. Okt. 2010, 3:37

Rules: Put your playlist on shuffle and write down the first 25 songs you get.

1. The Medicine Wears Off
2. Sharp Words
3. Reaction
4. Think
5. Alibi
6. Like Rain
7. The Two Gates
8. Wither
9. Violet
10. The Greatest Story Ever Told
11. Constant Motion
12. The End Complete IV: The Road and the Damned
13. Nagasaki In Flames
14. Writing On The Walls
15. Tremors
16. Plans
17. Delirium Trigger
18. New Day
19. The Architects of Repulsion
20. They Don't Call It the South for Nothing
21. Prophets Of War
22. The Caudal Lure
23. Day Twelve: Trauma
24. The War of All Against All
25. Welcome Home

Now take the first line from the first song, the second line from the second song, third line from the third song, etc. and put them in order below to make your scrambled song. If the song doesn't have enough lines, loop back to the beginning; like if you need the 22nd line but the song only has 15 lines, you start counting again with the first line and use line 7.

See what I get
I know the night is young
And you can't hide
Yeah, I know what you're thinking

I fell apart, but got back up again
Not enough, I'm alone with you
One step away from your own dimension
Turn the water into wine

You take my breath away again
What went on that night?
I can never get enough
No fear of what might become of me, my dear

So feel your instincts open wide
What they tell you to move on
I've grown stronger, I can feel a change
So I can dance, in your light, and to your rhythm

You made a good friend, to me
Subtle breakdown, for the one so free
The serpent, the leader of the fallen
I said I'd fight back, I didn't say that I'd fight fair

A perverse request, they continue the same rhetoric
There's some thing peculiar about the way you pay to save your soul
Why should you care? You're doing fine
I can hear her singing to me:
"With sin, I condemn you!!!"


  • Mudvaynized

    That actually sounds like something real. Very strange

    10. Nov. 2010, 7:14
  • EnigmaticEntity

    Definitely doing this!

    13. Jun. 2011, 7:23
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