• "Dream Setup"

    28. Mai. 2011, 13:49

    "Nakamichi TX1000H"

    "Oracle Delphi Mk.VI"

    "Shanling MC-30"
    Tubed integrated amplifier with built-in CD player, iPod dock, and FM tuner.

    "Legacy - Whisper HD" in Black Oak
    System Type: 10 driver, 4 way
    Tweeter: (1) 1" dual pole neo ribbon, folded Kapton diaphram
    Midrange: (1) 3" dual pole neo ribbon, vapor deposited kapton diaphram
    Midwoofer: (4) 7" Rohacell reinforced-Silver Graphite, cast frame
    Subwoofer: (4) 15" carbon/pulp composite
  • Classic Rock albums I need.

    28. Apr. 2011, 6:06


    Afrika Korps"Music to Kill By"(4001)1977
    (VULCHER 0006)2002 with 6 trk BONUS 7' EP

    Dow Jones And The Industrials / The Gizmos"Hoosier Hysteria"
    (GUCH 101)1980

    Guns N' Roses"Appetite For Destuction"(924 148-1)1987

    Lynyrd Skynyrd"(Pronounced 'Leh-nerd 'Skin-nerd)"(MCA-363)1973
    "One More From The Road"(MCA2-10014)1976
    "Street Survivors"(MCA-30229)1977

    Plasmatics"Dream Lover"(VS-103ESP)1979

    Radio Alarm Clocks"s/t"(ARCK-101)1983

    The Who"You Better You Bet"(WBS 49689)1981
  • More Records I Need....

    19. Apr. 2011, 5:26

    G.G.Allin"Dirty Love Songs"(FC032)1987 2xLP+poster

    Davie Allen & The Arrows "The Wild Angels Vol II"(DT 5056)1967

    The Bobbyteens"Fast Livin & Rock N Roll"(LIP001)1998

    The Hard On's "Girl In The Sweater"(DAMP27)1986

    The Hard On's"Smell My Finger"(DAMP37)1986

    The Hard On's"Hot For Your Love, Baby"(DAMP63)1987

    Mentors"You Axed For It!"(DEATH 001, 72036-1)1985

    The Morning Shakes"Lotta Trash! Lotta Action!"(CALP 2004)1997

    Oblivians"Never Enough"(SFTRI304)10'1994

    Oblivians"Six Of The Best"(SFTRI 383)10' 1995*

    The Piranhas"Garbage Can"(TPR/AR 002)1999

    Scorpians"Virgin Killers"(PPL 1-4225, 26.21820 AS)1976

    The Sears"Smears In The Garage"(ID123328)1995*

    Spider Babies"Now! You Can Make Me Your "Sex Slave" (SOS-004)1997

    White Flag"Third Strike"(E-1111)1984

    White Flag"Feeding Frenzy"(BTL LP 2)1986

    The Zodiac Killers"The Most Thrilling Experience"(RO#039)1999

    The Zodiac Killers"Society's Offenders"(RO#63)2003

    X____X "A / You're Full Of Shit"(Drome DR-2)1979
  • Records I need....

    18. Apr. 2011, 7:49

    ~Some of the records on here I had in the past~*
    Cheetah Chrome & Mike Hudson "Nothing"(OR-008)1995*

    The Child Molesters "Wir Lieben Die Jugendlich Mädchen" 1981 12' or
    I'm So (Fucked Up) 7' 1989

    Surfing With The Child Molesters(ADS 5063, SFTRI296)1994

    Hudson The Styrenes "A Monster And The Devil"(Tinnitus191305)1989

    LeShok S&M (001) 2001 ~3 side 7'~*

    Pagans "What's this shit called love" (DR001) 1978*
    (I had this signed by Mike Hudson)

    Pagans "Buried Alive" (TR002)1986*

    The Godlike Power Of The Pagans Live (Tr004)1987*

    The Rip-Offs "The Savage Middle Aged Rip Offs" (PFR-595901) 1993

    The Spastics "Live" (R.O. #031)1998*

    The Spent Idols "Emotional Wreck"(Inc.072)1994

    The Stalin "Trash"(MIG2505L)Political Records1981

    Stiv Bators "Disconnected" (BLP-4015) 1980*

    "Spend The Night With The Trashwomen" (ESD 1214)1993*

    The Trashwomen "Invade China"(PIN UP 94023)1994