Oleg ("holy", latin "sanctus" | Ole ("ancestor"), norse name, sound like Alec |-k), 26, Männlich, Ukraine…

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Über mich

I scrobbled this between 2008-2010 = 19-21 years old. And scrobbled music I listening since 1998 to 2010. Now I scrobble here: Helgi_Son

I'm a Musicoholic and I'm free from stupid musical stereotypes and prejudices!

I llisten about 80 musical genres and sub-genres.

Every musical genre is part of Great World of Music.

какой ты музыкальный абжора...)))) (с) svart_ulla

music is God's gift to mankind (с) spikemobile

Ron, you are a musical angel (c) LizzyVISION

Homo Apocalipticus

Жизнь - калечит, музыка - лечит!!!

Let's Gore! | Don't worry, be gory! | Gory is glory!

Musical interests
(without sub-genres)
1) hardcore | crust | thrash | punk
2) doom | sludge | stoner
3) grindcore | goregrind | cybergrind
4) industrial | ebm | drum and bass | breakbeat | breakcore | ragga | dub/dubstep
5) brutal death metal | death metal | slam death metal
6) math metal | mathcore
7) hip-hop | trip-hop
8) metalcore | groove metal | deathcore
9) alterative | nu-metal

10) unblack, drone, noise, dark ambient, martial industrial, power metal, experimental, crossover, post-metal, powerviolence, digital hardcore, speedcore, hardcore-techno
11) post-rock, progressive, folk, avant - garde, worship, ska, reggae,

I have tried and don't like:
1) post-hardcore 2) screamo 3) emo 4) nintendo | 8 bit


I believe in power of God in the Universe and in power of music in art.

I believe in Truth, the Love is a Truth, and God is a Love.

ИИСУС - - - "Тьма проходит и истинный
свет уже светит." [Библия, 1 Иоанна 2:8]

Realy Extreme Music Made by Christians


I'm Playing Music

My Photos

Christian Rock & Metal in Soviet Union

Albums I Own

Мои мысли о Музыке

Хочу увидеть живьём! | Want to see them live!

Why it's impossible to change a name on lastfm !?! I want!

Christ-centered hardcore from Ukraine. 2001-2008. 2 albums released.
On MySpace

St. Paul Crew [christian hardcore ministry, Ukraine]
I've playing there since Dec '08 to June '09.

D.I.Y. Christian Hardcore Merch

Christ-centered thrashcore 1984 - 1993. Back in 2009.

The Crucified homepage
It's true punk | hardcore | thrash - united by Christ. Click to see the video!

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Everything that christian need - here:

Download Christian Extreme Music | Скачать Христианскую музыку разных жанров И стилей :

Christian Industrial here in my Last Fm group:
Christian Industrial

And here in the on-line radio:

Christian Punk & Hardcore Radio:

Ukrainian Site About Christian Extreme Music:

Ukrainian Christian Radio (possible to listen on-line):

For enemies of Christian Extreme Music:

Speedcore, Terrorcore, Breakcore, Noisecore Ukrainian Internet Portal (with on-line radio):
Awesome Electronic Music!

Based on top 50 artists (of thousands and hundreds), so top genres/tags.

Important: I know the Last FM since 2008 and listening to music since 1998, Last FM launched at 2002 and music existed for centuries...


I'm playing guitar and always was composing music but still not found myself in musical world, still not found a band where I can realise myself.
Here is some of my music. Most good for showing it to somebody else:

My noise experement/project (free download):
Son Of The Apocalypse

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