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Über mich

Commando Ramsay

I am sorry I cannot meet with your wishes. I believe I owe you an explanation. So here it is. I am a crook, always have been, and there is no turning back.
My heart is in the game and I would not have it otherwise.
When I started to write my life story, I did so to while away some idle moments. My intention was to have the book published when I reached 70 or after my death.
The financial reward from the book means very little to me because I know from experience that money, even big money, makes no difference to my mode of life.
The game is what matters.
What chance would I have, travelling round the town on business, with my photograph blazoned on the pages of a Sunday newspaper?
The public would hasten to identify me as soon as a safe was done. And some crackpot would identify me in places I had never been. No, sir, my liberty is too precious to be lost that way.

use your senses,
open your mind & free yourself.
one's jail is between one's ears.
but one's freedom too...


you're not here for fun Luv, are you?



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