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14. Jun. 2006, 17:17

Musica Urbana - Musica Urbana (1975)

This album is a real gem of Spanish rock. It's all instrumental and has strong touches of fusion, RIO, and even Canterbury in the mix. At times I think it's what you would have heard if National Health tried covering Return to Forever after listening to a bunch of Henry Cow records. The tracks, all in the 4-8 minute range, take all sorts of twists and turns, changing tempo, meter, and mood frequently, but hold together amazingly well. The keyboards tend to be most prominent, with electric piano and Moog standing out most. There's some good guitar work as well, and bits of woodwind and trombone thrown in for variety. The rhythm section is very tight, reminding me a lot of the Richard Sinclair/Pip Pyle combination. A truly outstanding effort. 13/15.
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  • henkdo

    Found it! I'll check it out.

    18. Jun. 2006, 13:37
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