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27. Jul. 2006, 12:28

I never thought I'd pick up an album from the dance section in HMV. I didn't even know where the section was to be honest; I only usually look in and (though HMV are fools, blink-182 in ? WTF?).

Anyway, I was in town finalising my new job (working in The Entertainer, woohoo...), and my mum's parking ticket was running out, but we had seven minutes to spare, so while she walked on to the car I dashed to HMV (Virgin is on the other side of town, unfortunately...). I was looking through the usual sale deals as well as albums/singles in the current charts (they occasionally have good deals, I remember picking up The Go! Team's album for a very low price when it was charting), but alas, time was running out, and I didn't want to leave empty handed.

Then a song came on in the store, and it immediately caught my attention as to how catchy it was. It had an almost dance-y beat though, so I was confused as to why I was enjoying it so much, but I asked to nice lady who it was. She told me it was a song called Destroy Everything You Touch by a band called Ladytron. Ona whim then, I went looking for some Ladytron stuff. As I'm an idiot, I was only looking in the rock section, and I was surprised I found no Ladytron there. Then I went to look in , before telling myself I was an idiot for even considering looking in that section. Finally I had a look in dance, where I found joy! There were three Ladyrton albums there:

Light & Magic
Witching Hour

I bought 'Witching Hour', simply because it had 'Destroy Everything You Touch' on it...

After a bit of food shopping on Morrisson's, we got home and I gave the album a listen.

I immediately knew that this band were something special. Their sound is completely different to anything I've ever heard before. I listened to the album for the rest of the day, even replaying the ones I thought were a bit weaker, to see if they grew on me. Most of them did, actually. But the album is one of the greatest I've ever listened to. Tracks like

High Rise
Destroy Everything You Touch
International Dateline
Beauty 2
Whitelightgenerator are just amazing. The other songs are great as well, but those are the stand out ones in my opinion.

So, I love this band. I've already ordered Light & Magic off Amazon (along with Depeche Mode's Playing the Angel, who actually remind me of an '80's Ladytron...). I have a feeling they could become my new favourite band in the next few months...

Also Mira Aroyo is the only musician who I actually think is properly hot. I always thought fancying celebrities was a bit sad, but she is just something else. *wolf whistles*

Typing that felt very sorry if it's a tough read :p.

Edit>>> Okay...linking is officially fucked in journals. Stupid


  • Mr_Fran

    Witching Hour is def their best album, but I still think it's lacking in some areas. Best thing about it is how it's more full-sounding like Primal Scream or Kasabian-esque combining of live and electronic elements. The first two albums have highlights, but are a bit worse on the ol' filler, 604's sparse analogueyness gets a bit boring after awhile. Would still like to see em live tho, see Mira in person...

    27. Jul. 2006, 12:46
  • lanulahbelle

    The other two albums are very different. I wouldn't say worse though. They are electroclash in genre, versus being synth-popy. Light and Magic has more than just highlights in my opinion. The majority of the songs are just as catchy the tracks you listed as your favourites on Witching Hour, but in a different vein.

    27. Jul. 2006, 17:00
  • cleaner

    If you like Ladytron, have a listen to The Alphabet Girls or Tristraum (there's a couple of tracks available on the site of their distributor Both are much more minimal, but similar - at least to my ears.

    27. Jul. 2006, 17:33
  • undividual

    Ok, I really want to hear this - I've heard good things about them before, but never actually heard any of their music... It's going on the Amazon wishlist! Oh yeah! :D

    29. Jul. 2006, 14:50
  • MattyDienhoff

    Ladytron amaze me, I'm glad to see I'm not the only one.

    26. Nov. 2006, 8:48
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