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Über mich

I am a guy. I am a guy who makes music? Yes I am. I am totally a guy who makes music. One day my band, my other band, my music project and my side project thing are going to all have Last.FM things. Maybe.

In general I will listen to anything, fucking hell. I lean towards indie pop and electronica/dance type stuff, and metal. Rap is not my forte, though there are the Kanye Wests and Outkasts of the world that I enjoy listening too because they make good music, they don't just care about rapping about cliche's abounding regarding sexual preferences on the dance floor

I love music in general. I also love movies. I also love movies with music. I love Danny Elfman in a totally non gay way and I consider any and all music composed by Justice to be worth listening to. The same goes for Daft Punk(excluding some Human After All tracks). God I love those guys.

Um, my favorite movie is Little Miss Sunshine? Or favorite live-action film at any rate. I'm more of an animation guy. And I mean real animation. 2D stuff. not that i don't like cgi it's just it's so overdone. Pixar can hack it, though. Pixar is badass and they make good movies.

what the hell all of that was stupid