Alicia Keys' "Piano & I" tour review - June 11th


12. Jun. 2011, 8:29

Sam 11 juin – Alicia Keys

Last night was the 1st concert of Alicia Keys' "Piano & I" tour, a 4-date concert dedicated to the release of her very 1st album, Songs in A Minor, 10 years ago.

The concert started at 8:05pm with a 1st part. It was a French singer who sang for 25 minutes. She sang songs from her forthcoming album and covered 2 songs as well: a Michael Jackson song and an Angie Stone song, Brotha.

After waiting for 1 hour, Alicia arrived on stage at 9:30pm and played an introduction on her piano. It was a black and gold piano and candles were around it. It was very classy.

Then she thanked us for being here with us and told us she would be explaining to us where she was from, where she grew up and the songs she'd listen to when growing up.

She started with Butterflyz, then Girlfriend. After playing those 2 songs, she cover a DeBarge song, and continued with Troubles, A Woman's Worth, Never Felt This Way & Goodbye. She also told us the songs she played with her best friend.
Afterwards, she went on playing/singing How Do I Feel So Sad (she explained to us what that song meant to her), How Come You Don't Call Me, Caged Bird. Of course, she sang an extended version of Fallin'.

Slowly, this concert turned into a full concert, and she sang a couple of songs from The Diary of Alicia Keys, her 2nd album.
She started with Diary and kept singing/playing Karma, You Don't Know My Name, and she dedicated the following song, If I Ain't Got You to us.

After that, she sang a few songs from As I Am, her 3rd album.
She started with Like You'll Never See Me Again, went on singing Superwoman and finished with No One.

She played a couple of songs from her 4th album, The Element of Freedom, which were Un-Thinkable (I'm Ready), Try Sleeping with a Broken Heart and Empire State of Mind (Part II) Broken Down.

After a few minutes, she came back on stage to play one last song: Sure Looks Good to Me, she was given some flowers, told us how happy she was to start this 4-date concert in Paris, France, thanked us once more and left the stage.

As for me, it was the 1st time that I saw her sing live (I was unable to go to her concert when she played for the 1st time here), and furthermore, she played and sang beautifully well. It was excellent, and this concert is on top of all the ones I've been so far. Plus, it was a privilege to attend this unique concert of the "Piano & I" tour.

Enjoy :-)
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  • mira12

    nice review! Glad you enjoyed the concert :) pretty smart choice of her hits. Also, she enjoys talking to the crowd between songs, she did it again, I like that! Did she sing piano-voice only? or were there other musicians on stage? Did the concert sound like a intimist moment or a big show? who was the French singer in the 1st part? lots of questions :p thanks for sharing! (edit) : just saw some pics taken by another person who went to the concert too, the piano-candles-lights were classy, indeed! :)

    12. Jun. 2011, 9:11
  • RnB_001

    Well, she only sang piano-voice only, and as the title of her tour says, it's just "piano & I", so she was alone on the stage. No one else but her :-) Although it took place in a big concert hall, it did sound like an intimist moment to me, because she was alone and the piano played a big role in that moment :-) The French singer in the 1st part was called Tann and rarely do I like 1st parts in concerts, but I liked this one :-) No problem, the pleasure is mine, and glad to c u liked it :-)

    12. Jun. 2011, 9:33
  • Soul_Loveuz

    Nice review! I almost felt like I was there, well... almost LOL. Looks like you had a good time. I like the idea of just a piano-voice, and the fact that she takes time to talk to the crowd, that's cool! Thanks for sharing :)

    13. Jun. 2011, 11:30
  • MonRhose

    Thanks for the great review. Felt like I was there too. So yesterday she played in her hometown New York. I could see it online, thanks and it was like Iván told: candles (YES REAL CANDLES), a beautiful piano and She! Nothin else. She played a game with the people: they had to choose a song, she gaves 2 option. In the first one was a versus with "Superwoman" & "Like You'll Never See me Again". The last one won (I also wanted to hear this one). But the 2nd versus she really made it difficult: "If I Ain't Got You" vs. "Empire State Of Mind, p.2" .... wow, this one really killed all the people, I think! So, nobody couldn't really know which one won, so she played & sung both. My tears started to fall down with "Sure Looks Good To Me", I was really touched by this performance. Sad, I couldn't see this unique experience but I also enjoyed from home =). See you!! ((sorry for any faults ;-) ))

    1. Jul. 2011, 13:08
  • RnB_001

    Thanks Mary for the comment, we appreciate it :-) And I'm glad u enjoyed my article, it means I worked well :-)

    4. Jul. 2011, 19:26
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