• My Final Tear

    29. Nov. 2010, 20:20

    I was just a skeleton before we met
    You brought me to life
    You are everything I think about
    Everywhere I look I see you
    You were gone in the blink of an eye
    The tears start running
    I never had these tears before
    I try to hold these tears back
    I try with all my might, but there is no hope
    They run like a river, nothing can stop them
    I wipe the tears the best I can
    Thinking of you just missing you
    A tear is left over
    I feel the need to keep this tear
    This tear must go
    A pain I thought I'd never feel overwhelms my body
    My heart is in pain my soul is bleeding
    I can't take this, I can't move on
    I have a missing piece, how can you survive with this missing piece
    With this hole in my heart I break down
    I cant make it
    With this little hope I dig deep
    The missing piece was there all this time
    Its was deep inside
    I must fill this void, I must rebuild
    I will hide this from light
    Ill keep it inside
    I'll come back together

    This final tear I leave for you

    My Final Tear (Vimeo)
  • Unreal

    24. Nov. 2010, 7:33

    It just doesn't feel right
    I dont know what it is
    This isn't right
    This isn't real
    You should still be in my life
    I dont know if you feel the same
    I feel that you feel the same
    There is something incomplete
    Something is unfinished
    This isn't it
    This isn't the end
    It doesn't feel like the end
  • Today, Yesterday, Tomorrow

    23. Nov. 2010, 7:41

    Today is a new day
    Floating on thin air
    Breaking through walls
    Crashing into the abyss

    Yesterday was a new day
    Running from fear
    Hiding behind life
    Dodging the pain

    Tomorrow is a new day
    Starring into love
    Walking in bliss
    Turning into the light

    With love I live
    For tomorrow I wait
    For today I act
    For yesterday I learn
  • Cell Phone

    21. Nov. 2010, 22:19

    You just sit there
    I wait for you to awake
    Temptation will break me
    I must wait, I must not give in
    I spring out of my dead sleep
    Awakening to nothing but silence
    I hold you in my hand, I start to shake
    I cant wait anymore, I need you
    I must not, I must wait
    You are only seconds away
    Just the need of your voice
    Stopping myself from insanity
    Backing down with all my might
    Your name appears
    My heart skips a beat
    I answer, hello
    Answering back with the voice of an angel
    Those words that make me quiver
  • I can give you love

    19. Nov. 2010, 15:07

    I left you out to dry
    Leaving everything with no mercy
    Controlled by the unknown
    This is not what I wanted
    I hurt myself beyond hurt
    I hurt you beyond my hurt
    Broken and alone
    Immature and selfish
    Not giving it my all
    All I want is to give you my all
    Will I get this chance again
    I deserve this hurt, This pain
    I am ready to give that love
    The love I can only give once
    The love I can give you
  • A Girl

    16. Nov. 2010, 19:55

    Truth be told i'm only getting old
    Lying is right only at night

    These little rhymes are nice to write
    Only if its for the love of my life reading them at night

    All these things I write come from my heart
    Remember the time at the pool table when you let out a laugh

    So many memories I can never let them go
    Remember all those times I threw you in the snow

    You made the best PB&J
    You were always so sexy in those PJs

    You are so beautiful when you walk by the sea
    I fell in love with a girl at first sight,
    her name was Chelsea
  • Moment

    16. Nov. 2010, 15:24

    Turning around I sensed your presence
    You see me across the room
    Like a magnet we attract
    Pulling toward each other
    Our hands connect, our eyes meet
    No words need to be said
    I see love, I'm holding love
    This moment is love
  • You, Me, Us.

    15. Nov. 2010, 15:55

    Its hard to sleep
    Its easy to weep
    Every night my bed is lonely
    Every night is empty

    My heart aches
    My hands pray
    The next day is hear
    The more without you, the more I fear

    I have changed
    I see the future
    You're what I dream of
    You couldn't be more perfect

    This is no dream
    This is real
    No way I can change back
    We can watch the start get farther away
    We can see the finish get closer
  • This is it.

    14. Nov. 2010, 23:36

    Your life is filled with joy
    New adventures await
    Without me there is this new world
    I shouldn't force you back
    I just pushed you out of my old world
    There is a new world I live in
    Why should you trust my new world
    Why wasn't this world there before
    You like your world why leave
    Our worlds can join
    Why let them join
    I've ruined your thoughts on my world
    I deserve to be shut out
    I deserve no more chances
    You are building a new
    I wont destroy you
    I will be here throughout time
    You're my priority, you are love
    One leap of faith, the largest leap you'll ever take
    This leap is worth the risk
    Look inside my eyes, see into my soul
    Believe this will never end

    This true love story is no fantasy
    I will never let it happen again
    This is it, This is it, This is it...
  • First Sight

    13. Nov. 2010, 15:32

    You were sitting in the corner
    My heart was standing at the door
    Butterflies kept me from falling
    Walking the halls
    Only saw you for a moment
    You were invited into my mind
    You could never over stay your visit
    Thinking of ways to see you again
    Not knowing if you felt the same
    Two people same moment same feeling
    This fish is one in infinity
    Everyday I thought, Everyday I dreamt
    Could it of been first sight
    Is it my time, Is it yours
    Can it happen that easy

    I knew you before I met you
    You have been sent, I was delivered
    Seeing my future at last
    Everyone is born as a half
    You are sent to search for the rest
    I've just found my missing piece
    Now I can live as a whole