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13. Jan. 2007, 9:45

Sort by song title:
-First Song: "...Suki da yo!" - morning musume
-Last Song: "Zettai" - Yoshie Hayasaka

Sort by time:
-Shortest Song: "Love & Peace - Intro"- Onosaka Masaya (0:48)
-Longest Song: "Hardstylish 4"- Blutonium Boy (1:16:54)

Sort by album:
-First Song: "Champagne Supernova"- in the album "(What's the Story) Morning Glory" by Oasis
-Last Song: "Dynamo Hum"- in the album "Zappa Tunes" by Frank Zappa

Top 10 Most Played Songs:
1. "I Wanna Be Sedated"- Ramones
2. "I Wanted Everything"- Ramones
3. "I Love Salsa!"- N'KLABE
4. "Koi No Dance Site"- morning musume
5. "Evitare"- N'KLABE
6. "Morning Coffee"- morning musume
7. "Gimme Gimme Shock Treatment"- Ramones
8. "Judy is a Punk"- Ramones
9. "Love Machine"- morning musume
10. "53rd and 3rd"- Ramones

First five songs that comes up on Shuffle:
1. "Paradise"- Bruce Springsteen
2. "Yokuaru Oyako no Serenade"- ハッピー♥7
3. "Rockaway Beach"- Ramones
4. "Tu Amor"- RBD
5. "Que Vida La Mia"- Reik

"Sex", How many songs come up?: 34
"Love", How many songs come up?: 274
"You", How many songs come up?: 435
"Death", How many songs come up?: 26
"Hate", How many songs come up?: 13
"Wish" How many songs come up?: 13

As of right now:
7134 songs, 20.7 days, 19.46 GB

The shuffling songs part...not cool. Embarrassing. :-X


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