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I was ordained as a Buddhist priest in 2006, since then my life has changed and still is changing for the best. I teach what I have learned and love it! I love messages from people and meeting new people, please come meet me on here! I listen to only Kirtan and similar traditional music, the artists you see on my profile is what I love and any Ive not found yet but will. I refuse to listen to any music I grew up on knowing that the world needs to wake up and stop sleeping. As I practice as Ordained Buddhist Priest now I know there are immeasurable beings that must be reached and vow to make this happen before I go to Nirvana. I consider myself enlightened and want everyone to find this peace! Come see my column where I am the National Natural Living Examiner, Zen Buddhism Examiner and Appalachian Trail Hiking Examiner. I write about herbs and any thing that deals with natural ways of life including meditation.
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