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Über mich

Thomas Helsloot (1984) and Erik Roos (1984) met each other at school and soon found out they had a shared passion for music, especially the kinds you could dance to! This passion became an important part of their friendship.

Throughout the years not only their friendship grew but also their knowledge, skills and possibilities to play (during numerous gigs as DJ’s) and produce music. It was early 2005 they decided to see where in the world their music could bring them, the Remaniax were born!

The music industry was a hard business to get into, but the small successes and the love for music kept them going, and with success! It’s the summer of 2006 when they get various positive reactions to their productions, and some of them even get played by local and national known DJ’s!

Not long after this Thomas and Erik see one of their remixes on an official release. The year 2007 brings them the releases of some of their own productions on labels like Chega Recordings, Rootz Records and Big Boss Records. They also made several successful remixes for George Anthony, Dos Palomas Negras and DJ Jose. All of this makes them pretty sure this ain’t the last you will hear from them. So keep your eyes, and more importantly, your ears open for the Remaniax!