• Regina Spektor gave something good to all of us

    1. Mai. 2010, 7:16

    Fri 30 Apr – Regina Spektor, Jupiter One

    It all started with a big happy smile as Regina Spektor walked on stage, kind of bashfully and kind of gratefully taking in the applause. When the music began it did not stop! It was song after song with minimal banter and it actually worked perfectly.

    The first few songs were played with her band of 3 others - a Cellist, Violinist and a Drummer. None of these were overpowering but added so much to the feeling and texture of her songs. They were also arranged amazingly beautifully. I felt like I was at some cross between a classical and a pop concert. Her and and nature always kept you engaged.

    After jumping on the electric piano for Dance Anthem of the 80's, the band stripped away leaving Regina stripped to just her and the microphone directly facing the crowd. She can hold her own and then some! I was impressed, but moreso just enthralled by her melody and story! She sure is in touch with her inner child...

    Then it's hello guitar for the first time of the night, and the crowd lends many whistles which makes Regina jealous as she explains how its not fair that all the guitars get all the whistles haha.

    Anyway, what made this memorable was how simple her guitar playing was. On the piano her songs have a billion notes, That Time Consists of 3 notes for the whole song on the guitar, and yet, it was JUST as enthralling as her other songs. Baffling and lovely all at the same time. A songwriter who tells a story and keeps it interesting without needing any crutches!

    Moving back to the piano (done in slow motion humorously against the dramatic lighting and fog haha!), she continued to play on her own, dynamically, playfully, reaching vocal notes easily and filling us all with goodness! One song had her hitting a drumstick on a wooden chair and stomping the ground, and playing the piano with one hand. This was just as engaging as the other songs. It seems whatever she does is very engaging. Sometimes inviting you to laugh, sometimes to close your eyes, sometimes to imagine. She really took her stories, heart and soul all the way to Australia.

    After the pseudo last song, the band came back on stage playing some real favourites. Her band are totally awesome, amazing and talented by the way.. Finishing the night on an uplifting note, and a feeling that you would want to remember and retain for a good while.

    I found Regina to be absolutely amazing live, and it highlighted how much more fun it is so watch her, rather than listen to a recording of her from the studio. Theres something magical about her energy thats expressed, even with such minimal banter. When you're Regina Spektor, letting the music talk for you is not such a bad idea! I am super glad that I went, and recommend totally to anyone who has enjoyed any of her music.. I hope everyone else had fun :) This was the best sit down concert i've been to for a long time, probably since Tina Arena a few years ago.

    Music is awesome huh?
  • Par Amore

    28. Feb. 2010, 8:49

    I am obsessed with Paramore because I believe in everything they stand for and everything they are changing in my reality and others who listen to and get their music. I trust them with all my heart to lead me with their values, views and attitudes. I also respect them for staying so down to earth and humble after becoming such a well known and loved band.

    They promote , self power, , power in emotions, responsibility for own actions, taking care of yourself and taking care of others, enjoying the good things, transforming the bad into good, pushing on, , never stopping, pulling through the darkest times and living for the brightest times, sharing good things openly with others, laughing, having fun without caring what other people think, letting go, being free, being yourself, being expressive, being , being smart, being easy going, taking life as it comes, being , being , being rebellious when things are dumb, taking pride in what you love doing, doing what you love damn well, living life efficiently but loosely, starting fresh, everyone you share good experiences with are family, being open and vulnerable but , being honest about inner hardships, facing yourself straight in the mirror without being scared, acting on love..

    Par Amore = Out of Love.

    Peace out

    Also being and , blurting out the , and always being thankful.
  • Bands as Leaders

    28. Feb. 2010, 8:39

    Where music used to be a reserved luxury for the well off, music has become a source of hope for the everyday man / woman.

    A person can hold on to a band and their music like they are holding on for their dear life, because all their hope of escaping the system that is imposed on them, lies within this band. A band they have chosen as their leader, a way out. A band that has seemingly cheated the system, and found a new way to live life. One full of passion, fulfilment, letting go and expressing everything that is inside, and putting it outside for everyone to see and share with. These days all this can be enjoyed from the comfort of your own home.

    As well as this, it is a source of love that can be shared with masses of other people who love the same thing. Fans choose a band / artist to be their leader because they resonate strongly with them. And it is the clearest way forward to follow them in the way they live their life and express themselves. So people may find themselves dressing in similar styles of clothing and makeup as their favourite bands, and sharing that with the community or tribe of fans that are also a part of it.

    Bands also naturally have some kind of distance from fans which makes for a perfect generation of obsession and insane passion based on both the expression of the band and the ideals of the dreamer.

    My obsession is with Paramore, read the next journal entry to find out why!

    What's your obsession and why?
  • Kate Havnevik

    26. Jun. 2006, 15:54

    Her album Melankton is a piece of gold. Absolutely stunning and beautiful from start to finish. Wonderful melodies and string arrangements. Amazing immersive lyrics and such an angelic voice. Not a song on this album is difficult to get into and enjoy. This 1+ hour album finishes in what seems like 30 minutes! What can I say? This is a real gem people :)

    <3 Kate Havnevik
  • Tegan And Sara my new heroines

    7. Mär. 2006, 1:16

    So I saw Tegan and Sara were pretty popular here and gave them a shot. I love chick rock, heard these chicks album If It Was You and thought: 'Average, but I can see how people can love them'.

    2 days later the album is on again, and again, and again. Then on my iPOD again and again, then back home - again and again. And when i turned off the music all I could hear coming out of my own mouth was either 'Monday Monday Monday!' or the sweet guitar from 'Not Tonight', or that SICK loud simple twanged acoustic guitar in 'Time Running' or that repeated 'If I doooooooooo' from 'Living Room'. I just kept switching between these - I WAS HOOKED.

    ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS ALBUM NOW! Its truly amazingly catchy and beautifully human and awesome.

    THEN I discovered 'Walking With a Ghost'. When i played this on my iPOD I just went back to it over and over, in my 15 minute break, in my lunch break, after work, then when i got home at night it was on repeat. BEST 2 1/2 minutes I've had in ages.

    I'm going to work out and learn all my faves from these Girls on my guitar.

    I want all people who love Tegan and Sara to make some noise! I'll love it. Theres something about these girls which makes their music so undeniably endearing and lovable.

  • Madonna!

    28. Feb. 2006, 9:10

    I'm going through a major Madonna phase right now. I love love love love love her latest album Confessions on a Dance Floor. Cant get the songs away from my ears. Even when the music isn't play my ears are ringing with the songs on this album. The first few tracks are just some of the most uplifting pop songs I've ever come across especially when you put them together in an album like this.

    Cant wait to spend yet more time with this album! Madonna is amazing!