Devin Townsend ProjectDivine Lieblingslied 40
Devin TownsendHide Nowhere Lieblingslied 39
Dream TheaterAfterlife Lieblingslied 39
Devin TownsendHyperdrive Lieblingslied 39
Devin Townsend ProjectBelieve Lieblingslied 39
Dream TheaterUnder a Glass Moon Lieblingslied 38
Devin Townsend ProjectAwake! Lieblingslied 38
Pink FloydWish You Were Here Lieblingslied 37
Devin TownsendDown and Under Lieblingslied 37
Dream TheaterLie Lieblingslied 37
Devin Townsend ProjectLiberation Lieblingslied 37
Dream TheaterWait for Sleep Lieblingslied 35
Devin TownsendZTO Lieblingslied 35
Dream TheaterOnly A Matter Of Time Lieblingslied 34
Devin Townsend ProjectBend It Like Bender! Lieblingslied 34
Devin Townsend ProjectMore! Lieblingslied 34
Devin TownsendBy Your Command Lieblingslied 33
Devin TownsendZiltoidia Attaxx!!! Lieblingslied 33
BiomortalAbyss Lieblingslied 32
Devin Townsend ProjectLady Helen Lieblingslied 32
Devin Townsend ProjectQuiet Riot Lieblingslied 32
American Head ChargeJust So You Know Lieblingslied 31
Devin TownsendTiny Tears Lieblingslied 31
Devin TownsendThe Death of Music Lieblingslied 31
Dream TheaterA Change of Seasons Lieblingslied 31
Dream TheaterThe Mirror Lieblingslied 31
AyreonDay Four: Mystery Lieblingslied 31
AyreonDay Nine: Playground Lieblingslied 31
AyreonDay Eleven: Love Lieblingslied 31
Devin Townsend ProjectAddicted! Lieblingslied 31
MushroomheadQwerty Lieblingslied 31
Fear FactoryResurrection Lieblingslied 30
Nine Inch NailsThe Wretched (Version) Lieblingslied 30
Devin TownsendStagnant Lieblingslied 30
Dream TheaterTake Away My Pain Lieblingslied 30
Dream TheaterMetropolis Lieblingslied 30
AyreonDay One: Vigil Lieblingslied 30
AyreonRide the Comet Lieblingslied 30
BiomortalReborn Lieblingslied 30
BiomortalDrowned Out Lieblingslied 30
Devin Townsend ProjectKi Lieblingslied 30
BiomortalDrowned Out (2010) Lieblingslied 30
Fear FactoryVirus of Faith Lieblingslied 30
Devin Townsend ProjectHold On Lieblingslied 30
Devin Townsend ProjectLove And Marriage (Demo) Lieblingslied 30
Devin TownsendFuneral Lieblingslied 29
Dream TheaterCaught in a Web Lieblingslied 29
Dream TheaterDon't Look Past Me Lieblingslied 29
AyreonDay Six: Childhood Lieblingslied 29
BiomortalTicking Timebomb Lieblingslied 29