Michelle Williams - Unexpected - Album Review


18. Aug. 2008, 0:35

Michelle Williams
Release dates:
Japan: August 12, 2008
Europe: September 1, 2008
Poland: September 22, 2008
UK: September 30, 2008
US: October 7, 2008

Unexpected Intro
"Expect the unexpected"

Hello Heartbreak
The album version is a different version from the leaks.
At first it's a bit "hard" to listen to, but it's a grower, definitely, although I prefer the version of the snippet that leaked a few months ago. The lyrics of this song are amazing, love it!
It's gonna be sent to dance stations/clubs as a follow-up to "We Break The Dawn".

We Break The Dawn
This song is just great. Though it reached number one in the Billboard Hot Dance Airplay chart, it's so underrated. It should have received a lot more of radio play, shame :(
Anywho, WBTD really makes me want to dance and the chorus is very catchy! Way to go Michelle!

Lucky Girl Interlude / Lucky Girl
Upbeat love song, very danceable.
Great tune, great lyrics.

The Greatest
One of the best songs! A really beautiful power ballad and it's the second single. I hope it does well on the charts.

Till The End Of The World
Second song to leak of the album in the beginning of the year, but it still haven't got old, and I don't think it will. The breakdown is awesome where she speaks/raps, a bit like "Lucky Girl" bridge.

Private Party
Michelle goes a little naughty here, lol
"I'll do anything I'm not supposed to do and I just hope you're ready when I approach you"
"I will cater to you, make you feel like a man"

Jam! I love this song!
It would be my choice as a 3rd single.

This is a little more "urban".
It's my least favorite in the moment, but by no means it's a bad song.

We Break The Dawn Part 2 featuring Flo Rida
Hot remix! Flo Rida delivers hot verses and gives Michelle some street cred, lol

Stop This Car
A stragate produced track that everybody seems to love.
Definitely a highlight.
Another favorite of mine.

Michelle slows it down a bit and uses vocoder on this one. Great lyrics and vocals on point!
This is my sh*t!
Nuff said!

Thank U
This is my sh*t also!
Another song with great lyrics. It needs to be a single!
"while you were out getting yours, boy, I was gettin' mine"
"I wanna thank you for losing me"

Tell 'em gurl!

Too Young For Love
I was surprised with this one. Very good and it sounds like a theme from a movie that plays when the credits are rolling, lol.
Great way to end the album.
Unexpected for sure!

There are also two bonus tracks: Hello Heartbreak (Lost Daze Deep Inside Mix) and We Break the Dawn (Karmatronic Remix Radio Edit)

The Greatest, We Break The Dawn, Private Party, Stop This Car, Thank U and Unexpected.

Definitely the best album of the year!!

I don't know if they are against her or what, but why release the album in Japan the day it was supposed to be release worldwide, knowing the album would be all over the internet the next day and wait months to release in the US and UK, it just don't make a lot of sense.
Anyhoo, please buy the album and support our girl, let's show the label and Mr. Matthew Knowles and crew that no one messes with Tenitra! lol

Expect the unexpected
Barack Obama, baby!


  • MrJansen

    ai Senhor! ta ganhando pra isso? ahuuhahuahuauhauha :P

    23. Sep. 2008, 12:37
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