9. Feb. 2006, 13:22

I've listened to Death Cab and Dntel these days. I like Dntel more ;p So I'd like to talk about him in this post.

Early Works for Me if it Works for You and Something Always Goes Wrong sounds quite cold and mysterious to me. There's no doubt the former two are great, but the warmth in Life Is Full of Possibilities is more attractive and colourful, especailly those tracks which had voice part in them. :)

I love (This Is) The Dream of Evan and Chan, Anywhere Anyone, Umbrella, and etc.


  • KtM407

    I agree. His earlier stuff was a little more mechanical and cold, but still mysterious. Life Is Full Of Possibilities is very emotional and engaging. I think the selection of singers he used was great. Dntel is a genius. I can't wait for his new shit.

    9. Feb. 2006, 19:34
  • Raura

    Yes! But I still eager for another album from The Postal Service! His music and Ben's voice are beautiful combination.;D

    10. Feb. 2006, 15:38
  • KtM407

    True. I like when he recruits Ben for his Dntel projects though. ;) I think Ben will be back for Dntel's next album. *crosses fingers* The Postal Service is still sexy, it's just a little more poppy and less brooding/emotional/penetrating. :)

    10. Feb. 2006, 20:50
  • kortez_PL

    I'm now listening to Dntel and I have to say that Life Full Of Possibilities is amazing and my favs songs are Umbrella and Fear Of Corners (It gives sth similar to Aphex Twin :))

    8. Jun. 2006, 14:08
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