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Über mich

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66666 songs scrobbed


I r an idiot

MetalHead = Internet Tr0ll

I like: The music you see in my charts (Mainly Doom Metal in many of it's incarnations, Sludge, Stoner, Black, some electronica, salsa and Yasushi Ishii), some anime (Berserk, Hunter x Hunter and ONE PIECE are my favorites), playing video games (RPGs and some strategy ones), movies (Zombie flicks, Sci-fi, utterly abstract and/or classic mindfuck) and living in the present.

I hate: People (individuals are nice, but groups are stupid),dreaming, posers and fashion whores, people happy with their ignorance, democracy, punkish behaviour, commies and sweets.

I am a metalhead, smoke, drink, dont sleep much, study Biology/Anthropology, enjoy living in my fcked up country, am a computer slave, am an orc at heart.


"Likes wine, women, and song but he usually enjoys cheap wine, loose women, and off-key karaoke. He also attracts flies. A lot."


Angry Man - Saint Vitus

I don't need the madness that society breeds
I don't need the pressure comin' down on me
Why must you always stare,I ain't no fucking clown
Just want to live without somebody bringing me down

All I want is
To live my life
Easy and free
I don't need
No human bullshit
Prejudice,down on me

Everywhere I wander,I stick out in the crowd
Constantly fight for relief,abuse from all around
Now my mind is twisting,contemplating revenge
But I won't stoop to their level,I refuse to be like them

Hard for me to be happy with sadness all around
Real easy to be angry,ain't no problem to frown
You'll have to prove to me that what I say is a lie
Cause all I see is hatred splashed before my eyes


Witchfinder General-Requiem for Youth

My life's been abused, my mind is confused
Best must have passed by
So now I must die
Writing these words now, finding it hard
To tell you my problems you'll just disregard
To these words I write
Oh lend me your ears just for tonight.
Love it is something could never understand
Alcohol it seems is all I demand.
Deeper and deeper depression sets in.
You don't understand now the way I have been.
To these words I write
Oh lend me your ears just for tonight.

You say you'll pull through
You don't really care
To you I am scum
Just a flea in your hair
He pays you no money
The boss wants it all
Oh answer him back
Redundant you fall
Redundant you fall

Oh go on they say now through rough and grim
They don't understand the state I am in
I'm lonely and cold now, got scars on my wrist
I know if I die I would not be missed
To these words I write
Oh lend me your ears just for tonight
I'm on my own now, I stop day and night
Or out on the street I get into a fight
Sorry for myself Yeah maybe it's true
I'm cooped up in my room with fuck all to do
Now I'm unemployed
I blame it on them, but I cannot win
Holding the knife now to plunge in my chest
I ain't got the guts maybe it's best


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Venom - Too Loud (For the Crowd)
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Eyehategod - The Concussion Machine Process
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Mercyful Fate - Black Funeral
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