• killing Time Good List

    25. Jul. 2006, 19:07

    Stolen from recently read post.
    now My googlism for top ten weekly bands.

    Pink Floyd is wildly popular and girls are still careless with the hearts of their lovers (a universal constant)

    John Frusciante is an amazing guitarist, the drugs obviously do work (now thats some good role model advise)

    Silverchair is more than four minutes long and it cost less than $50 (so you get a good savers deal)

    Don Caballero is slowly mutating into storm and stress (so be prepared to bathe in stressful equations)

    Gomez is a member of the mexican national team (Great Vocalists maybe Great players?!

    David Bowie is vice president and treasurer (Las Proximas elecciones "Bowie" VS. "El Peje"

    Secret Machines is quiet (he is also Alone, Jealous and Stoned so pay him a visit and bring a bowlfull!)

    Mogwai is sort of like being outside on one of those summer nights when it's obvious that a massive thunderstorm is seconds away (Ratigan Fears Mogwai and Mogwai Fears Satan)

    Idlewild is that you've never fitted in with any specific scene (Maybe the band got a taste of their own name)

    Thom Yorke is on moltar's monitor (Space Ghost c2c episode )

    Tunng and Talk Demonic didnt give any results so i just filled the list..

    Need friends , this was fun so maybe ill get some comments