• Staind amongst the mind.

    27. Aug. 2008, 9:03

    Tue 26 Aug – 3 Doors Down, Staind, Hinder

    I originally wrote this in one of my blogs..

    "Seeing a band after loving them for so long, is just unexplainable to witness,
    when you are in 2nd row, and gazing up at them.
    Staind was a fucking masterpiece.
    My friend and I screaming along with the lyrics and rockin' out in the crowds,
    Staind send a melancholic mood amongst the stadium like no other,
    the voice of Aaron Lewis is chilling but warming at the same time.

    I was literally steps away from the stage,
    with Aaron Lewis playing his guitar and belting out song after song..
    They opened up with "Price to Play", and I went insane during this time! :D
    I was a little sad that they didn't play "Fade" or "Epiphany",
    but still lined up the classics with "For You", "So Far Away", "Outside" and many others..
    All the bands were pretty good,
    but Staind obviously took the cake for me.
    3 Doors Down had some fucking wicked pyrotechnics!

  • Brutality At Its Greatest.

    22. Sep. 2007, 0:37

    Thu 20 Sep – Metal Blade Records' 25th Anniversary

    As soon as I stepped into the Croatian, I knew this show was going to be absolutely fucking balistic... and that it was.

    The only problem was that I was looking for a friend of mine, when Goatwhore, and Red Chord were playing most of the time,
    other then that I was barreling through the crowds when Black Dahlia Murder and Cannibal Corpse were blasting.

    Im going to focus this most on Cannibal Corpse,
    they were un-fucking-real.
    The amount of energy they spewed through the building,
    created such an incredible dose of adrenaline to the crowd,
    the mosh pit was never ending.

    It was actually my first metal concert/mosh, ever, and to have a death metal band as your first, it was quite the experience, as I was right up at the front/1st row of people.
    Crowd surfing and roughing it up was new to me, but I did it anyway, and it was a BLAST.

    Every song was perfected with brutality,
    it changed me into a raging animal,
    all I wanted to do was head bang and mosh, but at the same time, listen and scream along with the crowd chanting the lyrics.

    Songs that Cannibal Corpse played which I enjoyed the most ;

    Staring Through The Eyes Of The Dead,
    The Pick Axe Murders,
    Pit Of Zombies,
    The Wretched Spawn,
    Hammer Smashed Face,
    Stripped, Raped, and Strangled,
    Devoured By Vermin,
    Put Them To Death,

    and Disfigured

    I think they played an overall of 17 songs,
    all fucking amazingly.
    A very good show,
    cheers to everyone who came =).
  • Back into the music mood.

    5. Sep. 2007, 7:18

    As you know this is just a small little label I made up from my house,
    pretty much just "Human Collapse" for now..

    Human Collapse - I've made over 90 songs.. but pretty much only have about 50 of them on this site for now.. I finally made some new ones, and I shall be uploading them slowly, with my pathetic internet... look forward to more catchy grindstuff, and depressive ballads! =)