• Raph's Subjective List of the Best of 2010 Albums :D

    31. Dez. 2010, 17:00

    TOP 20 ALBUMS OF 2010

    (20 - 16)
    # 20. Thirsty Merc - Mousetrap Heart
    Thirsty Merc, how do I begin? I remember hearing their first single, 'Mousetrap Heart' off their second album of the same name on the radio. Every. single. day. Non-stop. Without fail! And it's not one of those stupid mainstream pop songs you have to endure on a day to day basis. It's actually... nice, to say the least. So that stemmed my interest in the band! Turns out they're pretty huge in Australia and the front man has a reputation of... a nice 'fro! The album is pretty solid! Just nice for a pop album.

    # 19. Neon Trees - Habits
    Neon Trees was one of those up and coming bands that was BEGGING to be recognised. Their single 'Animal' was just starting to blow up, so I figured I give the band a spin before the hype settled in so I be all pretentious can point to them and say 'HA, I knew them before they were famous!' :D They deserve all the fame they're getting now.

    # 18. Kevin Rudolf - To The Sky
    Oh goodness Kevin Rudolf! During this time I was really in the mood for poppy-rappy-electro-club music, thus my interest in this album. First single 'I made it' is insanely catchy and lively, and that's what got me hooked.

    # 17. One Night Only - One Night Only
    Funnily enough, Brit actress (and gorgeous) Emma Watson was the one who introduced me (not personally of course) to this band. She was in a cameo in their music video for 'Say You Don't Want It' because the frontman is her current boyfriend. Emma Watson? Romance? Britpop? 'Nuff said. This is a really really solid Britpop album.

    # 16. Ryan Star - 11:59
    Oh Ryan Star. Oh David Cook. These two artists seem hand-in-hand for me, since Ryan was the opening act for Cook on his tour last year. That was how I got to know about Ryan, and the rest was history. I have to say, Ryan Star is prolly one of the most underrated artists out there right now, his music is really really gold. Incredibly radio friendly, heart-warming lyrics and insanely catchy, everything just mashes together to make a great album. (not to mention he's good looking, but that's irrelevant. OR IS IT) 'Losing your Memory' is probably my favourite track, it's just epic in every sense of the word.

    (15 - 11)
    # 15. Kids of 88 - Sugarpills
    I discovered Kids Of 88 through a music blog. Don't you love it when you discover a new artist and then fall in love with them immediately? Kids of 88 are a New Zealand electric group. There will always be a part of me that crave for electric dance music, and these peeps do exactly just that! 'Just A Little Bit' is a sick, sick dance number.

    # 14. The Black Keys - Brothers
    Had I listened to The Black Keys earlier in the year, they would probably be a lot higher on the list. But I've only started getting into them a few weeks ago so they're at 14. The Black Keys combine blues with alternative rock, they just produce that bluesy gritty rock sound that is just music to the ears. Not to mention they hands down have one of the best album covers this year! That album cover is amazingly creative and memorable. 'Tighten Up' is my jam.

    # 13. James Blunt - Some Kind of Trouble
    Poor James, nothing will ever prevent people from singing 'Goodbye My Lover. But this album is not surprisingly solid, full of catchy pop numbers and some sultry tracks. Some tracks don't sound very original though, you can hear a few mashup of some other tunes in various tracks, so it kind of repeats itself in a way down the album. But then again, most albums are like that. It's a very typical Blunt album to say the least. 'I'll Be Your Man' for next single, please?

    # 12. I Am Kloot - Sky At Night
    I Am Kloot is a band that I accidentally stumbled upon while venturing through a music blog. Funny how an album cover can stir your interest! But that's what a good album cover does! I was so intrigued by their album cover that I decided to give them a spin. Initially they were left sitting on the shelf for a while, but a few months later I decided to revisit them and completely fell in love with the album. It's folk at it's best. 'Proof' is my favourite!

    # 11. The Script - Science & Faith
    I remember when The Script first hit the music scene everyone were high on their horses and dubbed them 'the next big thing'. Well I wouldn't call them that but they certainly did garner tons of success around the globe! Their newest album didn't disappoint, it's even better than their debut in my opinion. 'Nothing' is perfect example of why their album is great - it's pop, it's radio-friendly, it's catchy, it's relatable and it makes you want to listen to it over and over again.

    (10 - 06)
    # 10. The Pretty Reckless - Light It Up
    Taylor Momsem! How I remember thee from thy Gossip Girls days. As much as Taylor is in the murky spotlight in Hollywood as of late, no one can deny that her band's album is pretty much kickass. Just rock and roll at it's best, no gimmicks, no cheesy band image. Every single tune is worth listening to. And that's not something you can say about every album! 'Just Tonight' is definitely the best track.

    # 09. KT Tunstall - Tiger Suit
    KT Tunstall's new album was one of my most anticiapted albums of 2010. There was a time this year where I could listen to NO ONE else EXCEPT KT Tunstall. NO.ONE. It's KT blasting out from the speakers from dawn till dusk, seven days a week until I finally decided to give myself a break. That's how obsessed I was with KT. Her plays in my library went from virtually nothing to a thousand in a week! Having high hopes for her new album I was slightly disappointed. KT experimented with new sounds on this album and decided to depart from her folksy, bluesy sound that I fell in love with. But that's alright because she knew what she was doing. While it's not my favourite KT album, it's worth a spin! Took me a while to choose a favourite, but it has to be 'Lost'.

    # 08. Ellie Goulding - Bright Lights
    Ellie Goulding, the girl whom I hated, loved, hated and loved all over again. Weird isn't it? After I hated her music for a while in 2009, her music video for 'Starry Eyed' stole my heart. That opened the pathway to be Ellie-loving! I started to give her a chance. But then after a fanmade video for a movie fandom posted on YouTube used the track 'Under the Sheets', I was completely won over. That track still remains as my favourite Ellie song. And thus my Ellie loving started! Ellie Goulding is easily one of the best English Britpop artist out there right now.

    # 07. Angus & Julia Stone - Down the Way
    Angus & Julia Stone are HUGE. MASSIVE. COLOSSAL in Australia. If you live in Australia and have never heard of these two musical siblings, you're living under a rock. They're practically the god and goddess of the music industry ihere. Not surprising though, Australia loves their folk music! Their music is laid-back, honest, enjoyable, something you'd listen to calm yourself down. And very very good. 'Big Jet Plane' is a stunner.

    # 06. Hurts - Happiness
    Like Ellie, I actually hated HURTS for a while back then. I couldn't stand all the hype around 'Wonderful Life' and everyone was deeming it to be the best single of 2010. It infuriated me so I pretty much ignored them for a while until I decided to give them another chance. By then my musical taste had took a 180 turn and hence I fell in love with their music immediately. I would go out on a limb and name this album the best Britpop album of 2010.

    (05 - 01)
    # 05. Regina Spektor - Live in London
    A few years ago you tell me Regina Spektor and I won't be interested at all. Right now Regina is one my favourite artists of all time. I remember 'The Call' being featured in the second Narnia movie and that struck my curiosity. And then 'Hero' and 'Us' in (500) Days Of Summer. And I thought 'That's it! I HAVE to listen to Regina now.' And so I did. And it was just love at first listen! Regina is practically a musical genius. She's talented to the brim, her lyrics never fall short of being witty and her voice is just to die for. It makes me happy now that I can easily recognise her music, which are almost always heavily used in movies!

    # 04. Lee DeWyze - Live It Up
    Hate on Lee? Go to the left! Lee won this year's American Idol fair and square and you know it. His debut album, although not doing well in sales and reception, is one of my favourite albums of the year. Why? Because it's just LEE stamped all over it. You can tell that it's his work, it's his songs, it's his album. Everything about it just screams his personality. And that's why it's so high on this list. Not to mention it's incredible.

    # 03. She & Him - Volume Two
    She & Him are probably at the very (or near) top of my list of my favourite artists/bands of all time. You've got the brilliant and cutesy Zooey Deschanel paired together with the talented M. Ward, who can ask for more? It's just 'sweet sugary folk music', my lovely friend Anja told me. But it's not just sweet sugary folk music! It's AMAZING sweet sugary folk music. There is not a single track on this album that I've played less than 40 times at least. That's how much I love them, how much I love their music and an indicator of how amazing they are. 'Thieves' is one of my favourite songs of all time.

    # 02. Hans Zimmer - Inception OST
    I don't think I can even begin to describe this album. It's EPIC in every sense of the word. Just... EPIC. EPIC EPIC EPIC.
    So many emotions tied to every track. And it doesn't help that Hans Zimmer is one of my favourite composers.
    And the fact that Inception is my favourite movie OF ALL TIME.
    If you haven't watched Inception already... You're missing out!
    'Time' is also one of my favourite tracks of all time. I can have it on repeat forever.

    # 01. Arcade Fire - The Suburbs
    Surprisingly Arcade Fire landed at number one! I never even knew of their existence until a few months ago, where a few spins quickly turned into a frenzy of overplayed tracks (which I do not regret). This album is brilliance. Every song is breathtaking. So much heart and soul go into each track, which is one of the factors why the album is sooooo good. 'Sprawl II (Mountains Beyond Mountains)' and 'We Used to Wait' are masterpieces. Not surprising at all that they're the #3 Best Artist on this year.
    For real, if you have never heard of Arcade Fire, have never heard of an Arcade Fire song, have heard of Arcade Fire but never got around to listen to them, or just learned about them, GO GIVE THEM A SPIN. NOW. :D


    And that, is my top 20 albums of 2010. <3