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Über mich

I would greatly appreciate it if you would check out my music. Please do it. You know you wanna...
  • www.structurelife.bandcamp.com/

  • This is my 'about me' section where y'all can learn stuff 'about me' (lol). Anyways, if you didn't read the thing at the top of the page that has information and whatnot, my name is Max and I'm a young adult that probably won't do anything with their life (#doomedgeneration). I have a variety of interests and hobbies and junk. If you're interested in knowing this crap, read on, friend.

    I obviously quite enjoy music. Besides listening to it, I play guitar (which I'm okay at), trumpet (which I could be better at), and I'm in the process of learning how to play the keyboard. I'm also quite 'skilled' at making wacky synth sounds, and have way too many virtual synths on my tablet thingy (it's an ipad but I don't wanna be an isheep) I occasionally make mediocre ambient music and guitar jamz. I'll probably set up a Bandcamp page once I get a credit card. If I do, you better visit it or I'll be rlly upset!

    Other than that, umm... I guess I'm sort of into art/design. I guess I enjoy writing, although that probably isn't apparent with what I type on the 'interwebz'. I'm into minimalism and stuff, because I'm an edgy special snowflake.

    I don't read pitchfork, or any other music blog for that matter. I want you to know this,because I want you to know that my music taste is UNIQUE and that I don't let music journalism influence my taste because I'm special. (Although music journalism seriously is crap) I do read (or have used to read) Hipster Runoff, one of my fav websites of all time. I will forever luv Carles (hence my use of 'scare quotes' and my affinity for post-ironic hipster humor). I'm NOT a hipster though, and I don't really think I'm 'special'.

    Umm... what else? I pretty much worship Tim and Eric. My favorite tv shows of all time would definitely be Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job! and Check it Out! With Dr. Steve Brule. I also enjoy other alt-y sketch comedies like Portlandia and Comedy Bang! Bang!, as well as more plebtastic comedies such as Bob's Burgers and Parks and Recreations. I do not like movies. I don't even like watching them at home. Well, except for The Room. Oh wait, you don't care? Alrighty then, moving along.

    If you don't want to wander throughout my music library, I'll give you the rundown right here right now. (Hold on to your seats, folks.) Most of the music falls under the 'electronic' umbrella, but I'd say that a larger portion of my library would fit into the experimental category. I'm a big fan of microgenres like Witch House and Vaporwave. No, they aren't dead. Sorry for not marching to the beat of popular opinion. I also quite like ambient, noise rock, plunderphonics/sample-based stuff, noise, 'worldtronica', post-rock and more. No, I am not a hipster.

    As,you can see, I'm a hardcore inxp. Obviously, I get emotional all the time for no reason, feel no need to be around 'real' people, always feel that 'the man'/'society' is out to get me, and that I think that everything 'sucks', including myself. (Don't read too much into that. I might be gay I dunno really. Stop looking at me!)

    Here's my beautiful 7-day tag cloud.

    And here is my beautiful album cloud.

    Y'all be jelly of my TOTALLY obscure library.

    Although I don't know a whole lot about politics, I pretty much consider myself an anarcho-socialist. Although I mostly just tell people irl that I'm a left-leaning libertarian so they don't look at me like I'm a weirdo.

    So post-post-ironic

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