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Sham 69Hey Little Rich Boy 27. Aug., 20:46
Black FlagI've Had It 27. Aug., 20:43
Billy TalentWorker Bees 27. Aug., 20:40
XYour Phone's Off The Hook, But You're Not 27. Aug., 20:36
Dag NastyCircles Lieblingslied 27. Aug., 20:33
GoldfingerMy Everything 27. Aug., 20:30
JawbreakerFireman 27. Aug., 20:26
RancidTravis Bickle Lieblingslied 27. Aug., 20:23
MillencolinFox 27. Aug., 20:21
The AdictsSensitive 27. Aug., 20:18
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Über mich

I'm looking for friends who can explode my music tastes into overdrive. I've only been thoroughly into music since January of 2001 (industrial/electronic since 2006). Since coming to this site, I've listened to so many bands I had previously never heard. Give me something to look for, something to tune into, something to lift me up and take me away and who knows, I just might find something for you!

I am 6'3, 222. I have three BS degrees in Physics, Mathematics, Professional Writing(Grad school notwithstanding). Writing, puzzles, movies, music, video games, and keeping up on current events are some of my interests. I do workout three times a week, but I do love my pizza, beer, and all kinds of geeky tech.

See you in the matrix.

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