Kid CudiCudi Spazzin' Lieblingslied Oktober 2012
The pAper chAseThe Small Of Your Back The Nape Of Your Neck (The Blizzard) Lieblingslied März 2012
Shady BlazeBeast Torch 'Em Lieblingslied März 2012
OFWGKTAOldie Lieblingslied März 2012
Big LAll Black Lieblingslied Februar 2012
ScHoolboy QHands On The Wheel (feat. ASAP Rocky) Lieblingslied Februar 2012
La DisputeKing Park Lieblingslied Oktober 2011
Jay ElectronicaSo What You Sayin' Lieblingslied September 2011
Jay ElectronicaExhibit C Lieblingslied September 2011
Andrew Jackson JihadFree Bird Lieblingslied September 2011
Andrew Jackson JihadBig Bird Lieblingslied September 2011
Jay ElectronicaEternal Sunshine (The Pledge) Lieblingslied August 2011
The GameThe Good, the Bad, the Ugly Lieblingslied August 2011
The WeekndComing Down Lieblingslied August 2011
The WeekndRolling Stone Lieblingslied August 2011
Frank OceanNovacane Lieblingslied August 2011
The GameMartians Vs Goblins (feat. Lil Wayne & Tyler The Creator) Lieblingslied August 2011
Wu-Tang ClanProtect Ya Neck Lieblingslied August 2011
Bomb the Music Industry!Happy Anterrabae Day!!! Lieblingslied August 2011
Matana RobertsPov Piti Lieblingslied August 2011
Bomb the Music Industry!Gang of Four Meets the Stooges (But Boring) Lieblingslied August 2011
SwansBeautiful Child Lieblingslied Juli 2011
ミドリどんぞこ Lieblingslied Juli 2011
Andrew Jackson JihadHeartilation Lieblingslied Juli 2011
NasNasty Lieblingslied Juli 2011
FugaziI'm So Tired Lieblingslied Juni 2011
Kanye WestBittersweet Poetry Lieblingslied Juni 2011
Paul BaribeauBetter Than Anything Ever Lieblingslied Juni 2011
Paul BaribeauTen Things Lieblingslied Juni 2011
Paul BaribeauRolling Clouds Lieblingslied Juni 2011
MadvillainAll Caps Lieblingslied Mai 2011
TrialWar By Other Means Lieblingslied Mai 2011
TrialOne Step Away Lieblingslied Mai 2011
108The Sad Truth Lieblingslied Mai 2011
MadvillainStrange Ways Lieblingslied Mai 2011
Weekend NachosPunish and Destroy Lieblingslied Mai 2011
Modern Life Is WarMartin Atchet Lieblingslied Mai 2011
Weekend NachosUnforgivable Lieblingslied Mai 2011
DangersHalf Brother, All Cop Lieblingslied Mai 2011
DangersMy Wonder Years Never Got Cancelled Lieblingslied Mai 2011
DangersWar? What War? Lieblingslied Mai 2011
Mobb DeepShook Ones Pt. II Lieblingslied Mai 2011
Tyler, the CreatorNightmare Lieblingslied Mai 2011
Bomb the Music Industry!Unlimited Breadsticks, Soup and Salad Days Lieblingslied Mai 2011
Lil BD.O.R. Lieblingslied Mai 2011
Modest MouseLittle Motel Lieblingslied Mai 2011
Tyler, the CreatorTron Cat Lieblingslied Mai 2011
MadvillainAccordion Lieblingslied April 2011
Ape Up!Don't Call Me That in Public Lieblingslied April 2011
By SurpriseFountain Splashers Lieblingslied April 2011