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Benny BenassiFinger Food 14. Jul. 2010
HyperElectro lude 14. Jul. 2010
Bomfunk MC'sFreestyler Lieblingslied 14. Jul. 2010
Altern 8Infiltrate 202 14. Jul. 2010
MaximCarmen Queasy 14. Jul. 2010
The Crystal MethodBorn Too Slow 14. Jul. 2010
The ProdigyDiesel Power Lieblingslied 14. Jul. 2010
BeckLoser Lieblingslied 12. Apr. 2010
StereophonicsDakota Lieblingslied 12. Apr. 2010
FeederSave Us 12. Apr. 2010
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Über mich

What people say about themselves is less important than what people say about you....soooooo lets see....words that are used to describe me are, happy, silly, smart, modest :o), deep/frivolous, funny (I hope in a nice, erm, way), caring, gentle/harsh, none judgemental, loved/loveless....& whatever YOU care to say...

Teat each day as if the seconds count...not for you, but for those around you - don't forget the living creatures, what they 'take', they also 'give back' - I believe in ALL living creatures with consciousness are with souls.....anyone for rebirth? :o)