A short monologue about Epilogue!


3. Jun. 2009, 15:09

This will be the most useless journal ever, but I love this song (and no: this won't be objective)!

Every version of Epilogue is magic. But especially the live version on Ghost Opera (The Second Coming). It's short, but my oh my what a great performance. The tranquill piano melody alone is a song on it's own. But with the singing of Roy it's just perfect!

The song is a tribute to the fans of the band (at least, that's what Roy says and who am I to question him?) which makes it a little bit more special.

Whoever claims that Roy can't hit those high notes should listen to song over and over. His long extended notes are bonechillingy (if that is a word) good. Just listen to the line: "Some with October rain" and don't come back saying you didn't feel anything. I won't believe it!

Well... that was rather incoherent, I'm not even sure that I'm getting my point across.


One other year has left my life
One year bygone so soon
These were the days I sacrificed
These days were lived for you

Some came with winter in white
Some days were blown away
Some came with sultry summer nights
Some with October rain

Oh, how I long for utter silence
But who am I to know
When rain will turn to snow?
If life brings another day
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