†††Bi†ches Brew Lieblingslied 266
The CureDisintegration Lieblingslied 253
The CurePrayers for Rain Lieblingslied 149
The CureHomesick Lieblingslied 138
The CureLullaby Lieblingslied 134
The CureThe Figurehead Lieblingslied 114
The CureThe Same Deep Water as You Lieblingslied 106
Thom YorkeHearing Damage Lieblingslied 102
The CureWhere the Birds Always Sing Lieblingslied 101
The CureLast Dance Lieblingslied 98
The CureA Night Like This Lieblingslied 94
The CureA Strange Day Lieblingslied 94
Parov StelarMy Inner Me (Feat Phoebe Hall) Lieblingslied 94
天野月子chou Lieblingslied 82
The Last Shadow PuppetsMy Mistakes Were Made for You Lieblingslied 82
The CureM Lieblingslied 81
RadioheadWhere I End and You Begin. Lieblingslied 74
The CureWatching Me Fall Lieblingslied 70
UNKLELonely Soul Lieblingslied 68
Daft PunkSolar Sailer Lieblingslied 68
The CureThe Holy Hour Lieblingslied 67
The CureNever Enough Lieblingslied 67
The RaptureOlio Lieblingslied 64
FlunkDiet of Water and Love Lieblingslied 64
The CureDoubt Lieblingslied 63
The CureBloodflowers Lieblingslied 63
The CureJust Like Heaven Lieblingslied 60
The CureOpen Lieblingslied 60
The CureFaith Lieblingslied 59
RadioheadLet Down Lieblingslied 59
The CureA Forest Lieblingslied 59
The KillersTranquilize Lieblingslied 59
The CureOther Voices Lieblingslied 55
The KillersBling (Confession of a King) Lieblingslied 55
DeftonesNeedles and Pins Lieblingslied 53
The RaptureSail Away Lieblingslied 53
RadioheadLife in a Glasshouse Lieblingslied 52
The RaptureOut of the Races and Onto the Tracks Lieblingslied 51
Carina RoundDo You Lieblingslied 50
The CurePrimary Lieblingslied 48
DeftonesThis Place Is Death Lieblingslied 48
FlunkSit Down Lieblingslied 47
MuseSunburn Lieblingslied 46
The CureThe Drowning Man Lieblingslied 43
The GloveSex-Eye-Make-Up (RS Vocal Demo) Lieblingslied 43
RadioheadLurgee Lieblingslied 41
MuseHyper Music Lieblingslied 40
RadioheadNo Surprises Lieblingslied 39
The RaptureThe Pop Song Lieblingslied 39
RadioheadDown Is the New Up Lieblingslied 39