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Über mich

ROLLER COASTER is a band that was formed on September 15, 2008. Though still new sounds ROLLER COASTER already been formed in mid-2006 in a small town called Batusangkar with Arie early formation of LB-Drums, Vicko-guitar, bass + vocals-Achiel. However, because of personnel factors, each of which was at 3 different cities ROLLER COASTER then disbanded.

On September 15, 2008 ROLLER COASTER again stands in the Valley with a new formation Achiel Coaster-guitar + vocals, Ghielank Coaster-bass + vocals, Feerman Coaster-Drums + vocals. Because we have the same taste in music genre that terinfluence MELODICS PUNK by band2 melodics punk rock like NOFX, New Found Glory, Bowlink For Shoup, BLINK-182, HI-STANDART, the toy dolls, MXPX, SUM-41, Good Charlotte, angel and airwaves, +44, all american rejects, and in such Endank band2 Soekamti, Rocket Rockers, Closehead etc. we agreed to bring together ROLLER COASTER.

We are very proud that with our humility our songs can be accepted in society at large. but even so, we remain grateful for having to work in the music world, especially at this time so enthusiastic generation of our nation who took part in the indie music scene desert.


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