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Abney ParkThis Dark and Twisty Road 19. Nov. 2011
DeathstarsChertograd 18. Nov. 2011
Billy IdolRebel Yell 18. Nov. 2011
Solution .45Through Night-Kingdomed Gates 18. Nov. 2011
Blue StahliDoubt 18. Nov. 2011
SybreedDoomsday Party 16. Nov. 2011
Swallow the SunFalling World 16. Nov. 2011
MastodonDry Bone Valley 16. Nov. 2011
MastodonAll the Heavy Lifting 16. Nov. 2011
Blood Stain ChildElectricity 16. Nov. 2011
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Über mich

Hello all. RA here, but you can call me Clayton if you wish.

I'm your average metalhead. I'm a gamer, a reader, and a writer. As it should be obvious, I love heavy metal, but I also listen to Classic Rock, Techno, Industrial, and Classical with a little bit of various other genres thrown in. When I'm not listening to music or working, I'm hanging out with my girlfriend or playing whatever game I'm most recently obsessed with. Since my 360 has finally given up the ghost, I've been going back to my SNES and N64 roots, playing lots of Mario and Zelda. Feel free to add me if you like.

Accept the Metal Gods into your life!