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My name is Michele But i absolutely despise it... I go by Isa (ee-za) so if you call me Michele i will not turn around. That being said... i am probably one of the most complex, quirky, awkward person you'll meet. i am a big klutz and drop things, including myself, more than i can count. I am very loud and out spoken and i will say things that make no sense. I am very sarcastic and i like to giggle at the most random stuff. I laugh like a child. I love hugs and kisses, chocolate, loud almost blinding colors, i love silver and the most precise of things. i love the smallest gestures. i have my moments of absolute delight then there are those that even i dread. I listen to techno, jazz, acid rock, classic rock, heavy metal, punk rock, indie rock, pop, pop rock... pretty much everything but absolutely no rap. i have no appreciation for it. i love being among friends. i love ease and comfort. I love smiles and humor, especially British humor. i try very hard to be open minded and not to judge anyone. i don't believe that people are weird just different. i love the feeling of my ears burning, i love the perfect spot on the couch. i love the smell of rum in hot chocolate. i love being in the dark listening to the most heartfelt songs. i love scented candles, small flames, the smell of gasoline at the pump, the feeling of grass on my feet, laying in the grass on a sunny day, the human bed, great intellectual debates, and witty conversation. i'm probably the most complex and quirky simple girl you'll meet. So buckle up!!!

facebook: http://www.facebook.com/isa.fantal
twitter: http://twitter.com/quirkyIsa
youtube: http://www.youtube.com/user/inkyteardrop
myspace: www.myspace.com/iza91
tumblr: www.madlikethehatter.tumblr.com

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