Tag Radio: My Absolutely Essential 250 Songs (Coming Soon: TRACK TAGS!)


31. Mai. 2006, 15:15

I finally was able to load the Profile + Tag editor in Last.fm (after rebooting and clearing just about everything out of RAM that I could think of, and WAITING for it to finish loading my artists list), and so I spent an entertaining evening tagging songs from my eclectic/bizarre list of 250 absolutely essential songs -- see my previous journal entry for the full list -- all of which are subject to change, of course.

Which means, of course, that I have a new tag radio station. If you are a Last.fm user, you can click on the "More Stations" link in the left-hand column on my profile to see the radio station and select it, or just enter this URL in your browser address window:


(Warning: I reserve the right to change this tag without warning; go to my user page (Quiplash) to get whatever tag I'm currently using for this collection.)

No, it's not my full list, and I actually added another 250 songs that would probably fit somewhere in slots 251-500. BUT I have exactly 250 tracks that are streamable on Last.fm! I think I'll try the "remove one and add a new one" approach with this tag radio station I've created so I keep it at 250 streamable tracks.

And (just for IanAR and the other track-tagger folks) I will be adding all the track tags to this entry as I find time. Woohoo!

And I would encourage all of you to come up with your own Top 250. It really has made me think more about the music I do listen to. And it was so cool to be able to program my own tag radio station, with just my favourite songs. Woohoo!

NO, I am not apologizing for the lack of metal :-) somebody has to counter-balance all the metalheads on Last.fm or it'll just tip right over ;-) and besides, I make up for it by embracing my inner punk rocker.

A list of track tags, in alphabetical order by artist name, follows:

Beautiful Life
Days Are Numbers (The Traveler)
Don't Answer Me
Carry You
Voodoo Child (Slight Return)
School Night
All I Ask of You
Good Vibrations
Hey Jude
Bad Timing
Don't Let Go (with Sarah McLachlan) (this beautiful song is from the soundtrack Spirit: Stallion Of The Cimerron)
Minnie the Moocher
Un Garcon Pas Comme Les Autres (Ziggy)
I Will Survive (Original Acapella)
Feels So Good
Soltarlo (from the album A Putumayo Blend: Music From the Coffee Lands)
'Cause Cheap Is How I Feel
Gipsy Woman (She's Homeless)
Good Enough
Light My Fire
Somebody Loves You
'S Wonderful
American Triangle
Can You Feel The Love Tonight?
Don’t Be Cruel
A Love That Will Never Grow Old
Afer Ventus
Caribbean Blue
A Little Respect
Aquarius/Let The Sunshine In
Jesus to a Child
Canadian Railway Trilogy
Days To Dust
Ain't Nothin' Goin' On But The Rent
Tijuana Taxi
Cruel Kindness (Italian Reprise)
Prayer of the Children
Such Great Heights
Country Road
Stumbling Through The Dark
What beauty really is
California Dreaming
All That Matters
Sag Mir, Wo Die Blumen Sind (W
All You Ever Do Is Bring Me Down
Meet Me In The Dark
Bop Till You Drop
Dance with Me
Being Boring
Don't Give Up
Fairytale of New York
Covered in Punk
Crazy Little Thing Called Love
Everything Possible
Angel (she sang a duet version of this song with Josh Groban at last year’s Live 8 Concert, and it just sent shivers up my spine)
Two Beds and a Coffee Machine
God Save the Queen
A Change Will Do You Good
Bridge over Troubled Water
As I Lay Me Down
And If Venice Is Sinking
Deacon Blues
Adelaide's Lament (from the Broadway musical Guys and Dolls, sung by the original “Adelaide”)
All Things (Just Keep Getting Better) (theme from the TV show Queer Eye For The Straight Guy)


  • scarebear

    Wow, that's a really good list. I was impressed before I even got to the B's.

    4. Jun. 2006, 3:16
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