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ЮркешСтеляться туманами Lieblingslied 21. Jun., 15:38
Son VoltMystifies Me 21. Jun., 15:35
John LennonMy Mummy's Dead 21. Jun., 15:32
Гражданская ОборонаМоя оборона 21. Jun., 15:30
Thomas DGet On Board 21. Jun., 14:30
DevicsJust One Breath 21. Jun., 14:26
Billy TalentRed Flag Lieblingslied 21. Jun., 14:22
MuseFeeling Good 21. Jun., 14:19
Poets of the FallMaybe Tomorrow is a Better Day kostenloser Download 21. Jun., 14:15
AugustanaFire Lieblingslied 21. Jun., 14:11
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Über mich

The question of "good and bad" in music is only a question of taste, but nevertheless there's too much bad music in this world and everyone's know, that it's not enough time to hear all the good songs you want to hear.
I'm here to hear good music and to meet people who want to do the same. I'm not here to get promoted by people who only want to push their own music.

my jubilees

1: Kante - Die Summe der einzelnen Teile
500: Lauryn Hill - I Gotta Find Peace of Mind
1000: Screaming Trees - Butterfly
2000: Billy Talent - Red Flag
3000: Eddie Vedder - Long Nights
4000: Haydamaky - Behind Our Bran - Za Nashov St
5000: Kate Nash - Play
6000: Bernard Fanning - Watch Over Me
7000: Jeff Buckley - Grace
8000: Димна Суміш - В Країні Ілюзій
9000: Scandinavian Music Group - Hölmo Rakkaus
10000: Marilies Jagsch - Ghosts
11000: John Parish and Polly Jean Harvey - Black Hearted Love
12000: Snow Patrol - If There's a Rocket Tie Me To It
13000: Ветер Воды - Веснянка

gotcha by anniversary tracks grabber

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The 99 related artists for my profile are from Al Green to Юлия Савичева

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