Get the new HANGMAN ALIVE album now! I SAID NOW, F*CKIN BIATCH!!!1


30. Jul. 2006, 16:43

Hangman alive, the new frontier in music, just released their third album: Singles 2001-2005

As the title suggests, that's a (freely downloadable!) collection of unreleased masterpieces from the 01-05 period.
Camon wake up and doggystyle your bandwidth! Do yourself a favor and let your ears get deformed by listening to Singles 2001-2005.

Once you go sick you never get bick!

Why is this album so beautiful, you say? I'm gonna tell you: this is the best stuff you'll find on, guaranteed! Plus, it represents a truly scary mix of different styles and instruments: from to , from (beloved) to mindfreaking rolls.

Thom Yorke of Radiohead (whose song Everything in Its Right Place got remixed on the album) recently said: "Who the f*ck cares 'bout me, and Radiohead and all the bad stuff we shit, trash all your music and go listen to Hangman alive!"

No better words.


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