New Songs, September 6-12, 2009


12. Sep. 2009, 15:52

A Very Merry Christmas and Back Door Santa - Apparently I've been listening to this album a lot more than usual lately.

We have some random foreign stuff I've had for ages (Keiner muss das erfahr'n and Un monde à l'envers).

I had an unlistened-to James Marsters song?! Apparently this was the first week Layabout was in my library!

Poor Little Rich Boy.

My Prayer, Magic Wand, Sailing With Russell and Somebody's Watching You, from when I stole the entire CD from my dad and forgot I had done so.

Heartless. I forget this song every time I hear it.

My Friend (the Life).

Lettin' Go (painful), which I then realized I didn't like and deleted.

You Are So Beautiful, which at first I thought was Taylor Hicks's version.

Discovered new Idol people songs. I love Heartbreak on Vinyl, was bored by Hypnotized.

Reefer Madness. I have a whole bunch of songs from this show and have just never listened to it. I should some day.

Name (an unlistened Derek Webb song as well... weird!)

I started manually scrobbling songs my roommate listened to, since I am in the same room listening to them. So I heard Bills, Bills, Bills, Upgrade U, Make Her Say, Be On You, and Party In The USA.

I'm pretty sure Anna gave me Stormy Weather ages ago, but I just now found it on my computer. Whee, I like it!

... I never listened to In His Eyes (Linda Eder, Carolee Carmello)?
...Or It Can't Be True? Now that CAN'T be true.

Heart isn't even a real song. Well, I mean it's a real song but that is NOT its title. Heh.

I listened to a bunch of the songs off of the "Hot Digital Songs" charts. So, I Look to You, Time Of Our Lives, LOL, Fallin' for You, and Jars.

Whoo, shared iTunes libraries! Listened to Anatevka, Bad Medicine, Before the Throne, Born To Be Wild, Can You Feel It?, Bad Influence, Beautiful Somehow (it's been a LONG time since I heard that song!), By Surprise, Can't Fight This Feeling, Cry Baby, Dancing, Elegance (apparently I was in a Hello, Dolly! mood?), Amish Paradise, Boom, and Boom Boom Pow (Radio Edit) (although I already have "Boom Boom Pow" in my library, just without the "(Radio Edit)" bit at the end), and Conversations With My 13 Year Old Self.

And, finally, some random songs I've apparently never listened to: Natural Disaster, Love Song, and Anytime (I Am There) (I predict all the songs from Elegies are going to be in my library before I ACTUALLY listen to it).

Total artists in my library: 3998, which is actually a much greater accomplishment than it sounds like, because I lost a few of them and ended up own at like 3991. So I've added 7 new artists. Which WOULD have brought me to 4000. Sigh. Next week! It'll happen!


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