Top 10 thing


5. Jul. 2006, 19:10

1. Michael Ball
First heard: Look Down, I suppose.
All time favourite: Losing My Mind.
Current favourite: A cross between I Wish I Was in Love Again and She Makes My Day.

2. Elliott Yamin
First heard: If You Really Love Me
All time favourite: Moody's Mood For Love
Current favourite: Moody's Mood For Love

3. Norbert Leo Butz
First heard: Shiksa Goddess.
All time favourite: Shiksa Goddess.
Current favourite: The Next Ten Minutes.

4. Anthony Rapp
First heard: Rent.
All time favourite: Hmm... Probably Out Out Damn Spot.
Current favourite: The Kite.

5. Taylor Hicks
First heard: What'd he sing that first day? *checks* Levon, apparently.
All time favourite: Hmm. Possibly Easy.
Current favourite: You Send Me.

6. Chris Daughtry
First heard: Wanted Dead Or Alive.
All time favourite: What A Wonderful World.
Current favourite: What a Wonderful World.

7. Katharine McPhee
First heard: Since I Fell For You.
All time favourite: Black Horse And The Cherry Tree. One of a whole two performances I liked by her. WHY is she so high on my list?
Current favourite: Black Horse and the Cherry Tree.

8. ApologetiX
First heard: Corinthians.
All time favourite: YHWH.
Current favourite: Hmm... probably JC's Mom.

9. Adam Pascal.
First heard: What You Own.
All time favourite: Enchantment Passing Through.
Current favourite: The Time It Takes To Fall.

10. Paris Bennett.
First heard: Midnight Train To Georgia.
All time favourite: Fever.
Current favourite: Fever.


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