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MasterAmerica The Pitiful 23. Jan. 2011
Deep WoundIn My Room 23. Jan. 2011
Jerry's KidsVietnam Syndrome 23. Jan. 2011
AntidoteZero Mentality 23. Jan. 2011
Career SuicideStay Right Here 23. Jan. 2011
Flux of Pink IndiansT.V. Dinners 23. Jan. 2011
The FreezeINSECURITY Lieblingslied 23. Jan. 2011
LunachicksHeart of Glass 23. Jan. 2011
Major ConflictOutgroup (Live At CBGBs) Lieblingslied 23. Jan. 2011
Black FlagJealous Again Lieblingslied 23. Jan. 2011
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Über mich

i'm just an old school punk . been around a long time .... put it this way i've seen every band you haven't, and then some .. not really trying to be an asshole .... it just comes naturally ... hence the name.. i was at the Germs last show for gods ske i am very knowledgable. in the punk and death metal genres... my daughter is probably older than most of you , but i can say this and a lot of other's lists will agree ... i have excellent taste in music... it's undisputed. aswell as know more facts then just about anyone that i know

ok can you people that said post a description go fuck yourselves now.... u asked for all that
thanx and anyone who wants to add as a friend please go ahead and add me sometimes you will catch some of the very very idiotic BUT absolutey funny things i pull at times