• Tight Albums

    16. Dez. 2009, 17:45

    Aurosonic - Always Together
    Always Together
    First six-seven tracks in this album are my all time favorites.

    Leama & Moor - Common Ground
    Common Ground
    This album is like one big track. Superb flow from one track to other.

    Above & Beyond - Tri-State
    Their is simply too many good tracks in one album.

    Tiesto - Nayana CD 1, 2 and 3.
    I have sentimental value attached to these three albums from like years and years back.
  • Something about Livesets \o/ \o/ !!

    30. Nov. 2009, 18:56

    'Chicane - Live in Palladium' I remember.. but their are also some good sets from Oakenfold back in 1999. I will update the livesets I like here in this journal from time to time.

    Crowd cheering in background makes them very special... the louder, the better. Yell, sing, whistle, hug, clap, bash, curse, fumble, shiver, cry, cuddle.. do it all ..

    The Best of Anjunabeats Melodic Trance 01

    Nicely mixed from 15th minute.

    A State of Trance - Episode 223

    From around 23rd minute till 60th.
  • Amazing video, good music !!

    13. Sep. 2009, 13:57

    [video artist=Unknown]Burning Man 2009[/video]

    Imogen Heap DJ Tiesto - Hide Seek (Tiesto's ISOS Remix)

    [video artist=Unknown]Trance Energy 2009[/video]

    Ernesto vs Bastian - Thrill

    [video artist=Chicane]Poppiholla[/video]

    Chicane - Poppiholla
  • Listening Stats as on Aug 08 2008

    21. Aug. 2008, 16:40

    AEP: 2.32

    The AEP is a number that normally is between -20 and 5

    If your AEP is

    less than -10 probably you are a fake top fan.
    less than 0 you can be considered an obsessive fan.
    greater than 3 then you have a more or less diverse* taste in music.
    greater than 4 then you have a very diverse* taste in music.

    Diversity: Negative 1.07
  • John McDowell - Overture

    12. Aug. 2008, 14:18


    Overture Remix

    Born into Brothels title Track

    The text is from the Bhagavagita.

    Text 29
    As moths heading full speed for destruction into a blazing fire, the same way all people also full speed enter your mouths to find destruction.


    yathâ pradîptam jvalanam patangâ

    visanti nâsâya samrddha-vegâh

    tathaiva nâsâya visanti lokâs

    tavâpi vaktrâni samrddha-vegâh

    yatha -- as; pradiptam -- blazing; jyalanam -- a fire; patangah --,moths; visanti -- enter; nasaya -- for destruction; samrddha -- with full; vegah -- speed; tatha eva -- similarly; nasaya -- for destruction; visanti -- are entering; lokah -- all people; tava -- Your; api -- also; vaktrani -- mouths; samrddha-vegah -- with full speed.


    I see all people rushing full speed into your mouth, as moths dash to destruction in blazing fire.