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25. Mai. 2012, 6:51

eciujnahtan wrote:

R.U. Sirius wrote:
Strange little quotes about being an intelligence agent for the future; about “offering the only hopeful eschatology around today;” about dna being a seed from outer space; about “going home” to galaxy central and human destiny being in the stars; about how he was writing a “science faction” book.

vans1170 wrote:
white flame is based lightyears ahead of it's time. i can see why he's holding it. i'm not sure if the world is ready

bloc47 wrote:
Mane I've been listening to the tape "Dior Paint" in bed every night this week and consequently have probably had rare and secrete dreams

Summer_Freeze wrote:
There is a dark side to lil b on this album that adore. Lil B is a neo-shamanistic charismatic cult leader. I was listening to it while tripping off acid and I actually felt I was part of a secret cult society led by Lil B.

He rebuilds the world as a place that values the good and pure but at the same time remains human by showing anger and frustration.

I feel like Lil B prays on/saves the most vulnerable people who have been left out of mainstream culture. I'm glad he's pledged himself to the improvement of our culture because I have no doubt if he wanted to he could be convincing people to drink poisoned koolaid which is why some of the anger/sadness Lil B displays here scares me.

It's also one the album's strengths. It's sounds strange but Lil B seems so bad being good. Despite his positive outlook he really is giving the finger to our current culture. To sum it up: Lil B showed me the dark can light and saints can be sinners.

doomaddicts wrote:
"Love the juxtaposition of this video and the original Pretty Boy video. It's like in one, he's surrounded by girls, but in this one he goes inside himself; it's like a club before/after/inbetween closing time, and B is just having an internal dialogue. I feel this is a very important fragment of the #based catalogue."

Cactus543 wrote:
just found my blvcklvnd rvdix 66.6 vinyl in my parents' attic the other day as i was helping clean it out. i actually remember getting tight because i thought my mom threw it away years ago and i didn't have the money to go buy another one. i worked so many odd jobs just to get this vinyl, it meant the world to me. now it got me mad nostalgic thinking about how i haven't listened to this masterpiece since george h.w. bush was in office. feels like i'm a teenager all over again. great memories. i can't imagine the 90's rap scene without sgp holding it down

Lil B wrote:
I’m not a gangsta, I’m a young hypocrite/I don’t know myself, so I’m yellin suck my dick.

R0b0hobo wrote:
that's when he was a goon. Now he's a pretty bitch.

starcorea wrote:
Bitch Mob are pretty much a group of real pretty bitch mobsters who all wear pink bandannas to denote their extreme prettiness.


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    There a basic need to talk about what’s next, because it’s occurring. — Geoff Manaugh

    20. Sep. 2012, 8:04
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