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ManeigeUn Certain Regard [Live] 18. Jan. 2011
ManeigeDouce-amère [Live] Lieblingslied 18. Jan. 2011
ManeigeÉtrange Hiver [Live] 18. Jan. 2011
ManeigeBullfrog Dance [Live] 18. Jan. 2011
ManeigeTime square Lieblingslied 18. Jan. 2011
Maneige11 juillet 18. Jan. 2011
ManeigeAu clair de la prune 18. Jan. 2011
ManeigeLe gros roux 18. Jan. 2011
ManeigeDouce-amère Lieblingslied 18. Jan. 2011
ManeigeMambo chant 18. Jan. 2011
ManeigeLes épinettes 18. Jan. 2011
ManeigeLes folleries 18. Jan. 2011
ManeigeLa fin de l'histoire 18. Jan. 2011
ManeigeLe gai Marvin 18. Jan. 2011
ManBonus Track - Romain (Live at Gugenhalle, Essen, Germany) 18. Jan. 2011
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  • EyeWin8

    Very shoegazy vocals-wise. The guitars are a cross between black metal and typical shoegaze. It has a few passages of ambient post-rock stuff, and some black metal drum passages which sound really cool. Halfway through my first listen, I would recommend them if you like shoegaze. The reason I asked about Friendship Time is that I was the one that first shared them on /mu/. I got it from a friend a year or so ago and never saw them posted anywhere else.

    5. Jan. 2011 Antworten
  • mixedresults

    oh my. we're probably not going to be all that compatible, even if you get more artists. but that's ok. i'll still you you a friendly shout.

    5. Jan. 2011 Antworten