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  • AngeloSwift13

    OMG your Connie's scrobbles are IMPRESSIVE! Could I ask you to pass me some of her songs via email? I live in Italy and I can't buy her songs on itunes nor buy her cds (they don't sell them here). I can only listen to her greatest hits on Spotify, but I'd like to listen to her whole work. Thanks for reading, let me know :) My email is: angy.tay4ever@gmail.com

    24. Jul., 12:03 Antworten

    Welcome aboard, Poppopovits! Happy listening.

    22. Apr. 2011 Antworten

Über mich

Nowadays I listen to music nearly all the time. I use music as a way of relaxing but also at my work. Music helps me to concentrate on very abstract topics in my scientific work as a mathematician.
As a male, I naturally love female voices so that I only listen to female vocalists. In my library, there is a small but very representative collection of gorgeous female singers from old times. Especially, I like “classic country” and “deutsche schlager” oldies.
My absolute favorite is Connie Smith , because she optimally fulfills my subjective quality criteria concerning singing skill, voice, versatility, style, atmosphere etc. Her magic touch converts different kinds of songs – pop, rock, country, and gospel – into corresponding classic country versions. All these Connie’s songs are my favorites. Especially, I love her slow and melancholy ballads. In addition, Connie’s very impressive gospels are my special favorites. In my own estimation, this all simply means that Connie is the best of the best.

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