Songs From Tsongas


22. Apr. 2006, 20:54

Wow. I finally got my hands on Yes' Songs From Tsongas DVD. Yeah, I know I'm slow - it has been out forever. But that wasn't really the point of this post, now was it?

As can be expected(1 from a Yes DVD, it was awesome, though I must admit that I was really tired when I started watching - I was almost asleep when they started playing South Side of the Sky. And then I woke up. Some great instrumental sections in there. Then Jon Anderson and Steve Howe step in for Turn of the Century. Just beautiful. The first disc ends with Yours Is No Disgrace - another classic. Now I'm almost jumping with excitement in the sofa.

I insert the second disc, and there's that nice acoustic set I remember from their show in Globen (Stockholm, Sweden, if you were wondering). Long Distance Runaround, Wonderous Stories and that awesome blues/shuffle rendition of Roundabout...

Fast forward to the end. Need I say more than And You and I, Ritual, Every Little Thing and Starship Trooper? It doesn't really matter that they didn't play a whole bunch of other great songs. If they would do that, they would probably have to play all day :-)

Now I'll just have to watch the beginning again, to see what I missed. I'm afraid I won't be able to stop, though, so I'll probably have to do that sometime when I feel like I have three hours to kill.

Anyway, for those who have missed it, and like Yes - or life, or anything really - do yourselves a favor and watch (and more importantly: listen to) Songs From Tsongas. Gotta love Jon Anderson.

1) The few Yes DVDs I have watched are awesome. I try to avoid the cheap-looking ones, though - there's probably a bunch of really bad DVDs too.


  • Mazon

    yes yes yes yes yes yes yes *gäspar* ursäkta, men jag är faktiskt trött. kanske läser o svarar seriöst imon eller nästa vecka ;P

    23. Apr. 2006, 14:15
  • Moonshield78

    its a very good dvd...and I was also lucky enough to go see them on that tour :)

    19. Mai. 2006, 20:07
  • Pontemonti

    Yeah, it was a great tour :) I need new Yes material now! It has been too long since Magnification (which is awesome).

    19. Mai. 2006, 21:02
  • Moonshield78

    Steve Howe put out a new album recently which is pretty good.

    20. Mai. 2006, 4:57
  • Pontemonti

    Spectrum? Haven't listened a whole lot to it. The problem is that it doesn't have Jon Anderson or Chris Squire on it, so it doesn't really sound like Yes to me... =)

    20. Mai. 2006, 12:02
  • Moonshield78

    But it does have Tony Levin.... :P I dont think its really supposed to sound like Yes, as its Steve's solo project, and its all intrumental. Its good stuff but will probably be more liked/appreciated if your a musician, which is me assuming your not though you may be. :)

    20. Mai. 2006, 12:19
  • Pontemonti

    Ooh, Levin! I don't think Howe solo is bad, just not as good as Yes ;) No, I'm not a musician, so there's probably some neat stuff I'm missing - especially when it comes to the guitars.

    20. Mai. 2006, 12:28
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