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23. Jun. 2008, 16:55

Here's my list of small, indie, underrated, but amazing artists.

Similar to: Thriving Ivory and Neverending White Lights
If there's one band to check out on this list, definitely make it this one. The band consists of two talented individuals, Morgan Cornwell and Blake Powell, playing and singing over two pianos. Citadel of Stars and Sun Down are standout tracks, and some of the most beautiful songs I've ever heard. The passion in their voices and lyrics, coupled with unbelievable piano solos create such an incredible atmosphere; I simply love them.
They haven't done much since their only EP, Citadel of Stars, but recently got back together and are making new music. Below is a live recording of Sun Down, with lyrics.
[video artist=Iver]Sun Down[/video]
*It appears video embedding is broken with the new site, so here's the link:
Their entire EP can be streamed on their new Myspace,

Thriving Ivory
Similar to: OneRepublic, The Fray and Augustana
Despite being in a genre which has recently found itself quite crowded, Thriving Ivory has brought passion and their own unique sound to the stage. Most of the songs on Thriving Ivory deal with your typical heartache. However, the track Angels On The Moon is notable as a sad, powerful ballad (with references to 9/11), while songs like Twilight and Light Up Mississippi lighten the mood, with the former being a sweet, playfully hopeful love song.
I would recommend the indie release of Thriving Ivory, but if you can't get that, their major label debut (also self-titled) is slated for release on June 24, 2008. The song Flowers for a Ghost was dropped for Alien, and some lyrics and songs have likely been altered. Also worth searching for are the demo, or pre-album, versions of the songs.
Official Site:

David Ford
Similar to: Damien Rice
I recently had the pleasure of seeing David perform live, and words can't describe the energy, emotion and general awesomeness this man puts into his music. Go To Hell is a great emotional vent song, and I Don't Care What You Call Me offers folk/indie/singer-songwriter satisfaction at its finest. If you have the chance, don't pass up his live performance. David is an incredible one-man show to watch, and considerably changes (improves) the album version songs.
If you're a fan of the genre, have played John Mayer and Damien to death and memorization, or just want to listen to great music, do yourself a favour and pick up Songs for the Road and I Sincerely Apologise For All The Trouble I've Caused.
Official Site:

search/rescue and thunder thunder
Similar to: Acceptance
These are both offshoots of the defunct band Acceptance. Search/Rescue (the more active and better of the two) consists of Acceptance's Kaylan Cloyd, as well as Ryan Van Wieringen and Bobby Darling of Gatsby's American Dream. The Compound is available on iTunes and is definitely worth a listen, particularly the opener Fireflies and also Right Through Me.
Nick Radovanovic, Christian McAlhaney (of Anberlin), and Kyle Flynn form Thunder Thunder. Due to Christian's commitment to Anberlin, Thunder Thunder is currently inactive, and have only two songs which are streamable on their Myspace.

Similar to: The Fray and Augustana
I just recently discovered this little band from Nottingham, and I have to say I'm very impressed. Also traversing the piano rock genre, these guys are somewhat unique in that they use a rather simple, pleasant (if not predictable) style. David's soothing voice over catchy (repetitive) and simple yet elegant guitar and piano work is refreshing. That's not too say these guys are bad, in fact it's quite the opposite, the crafted melodies fit perfectly with the 5 love song EP, The Start, and sound nothing like the other piano rock bands already mentioned. They are one of my new favourite small bands, and for under 5 bucks on iTunes, are definitely worth checking out.

Crash Parallel
Similar to/Influences: Coldplay, David Gray, Counting Crows, Keane and The Fray
Another small piano rock band, hailing from Toronto Ontario, World We Know has seen moderate radio play around here lately. Leading many songs with strong piano work (read: Keane), long drawn out guitar solos, and the true vocals of Tim Edwards, these guys are poised to make it bigger (or at least better) than the dime-a-dozen punk or generic alt. rock bands springing out of Canada lately. Check out Rain Delays and pick up the excellent World We Know for some great easy listening.

Notable Mentions

Ron Pope Acoustic singer-songwriter
Attack In Black Canadian punk/alt/indie rock
Death from Above 1979 Canadian rock using only drums and bass, very unique!
This World Fair Piano rock
illScarlett Canadian ska


After some thinking, I decided that the following bands should have only made Notable Mentions, but to save you time, and because I didn't want my work to go to waste, they are posted below.

Greenwheel/Go Van Gogh & Familiar 48/Bonehead/Jayy Mannon
Similar to: each other
I used to listen to Familiar 48 a lot, but their songs can get repetitive after some time. Wonderful Nothing consists mostly of heartache and some love songs, with I Know and the optimistic first track,Learn To Love Again, being standouts. Jayy Mannon was the lead singer, until he ventured into a solo career. I've only heard a handful of songs by him, but Breathing and Didn't I are great little acoustic numbers.
Familiar 48 led me into Greenwheel. Breathe and Dim Halo are surprisingly good love/heartache songs. With lyrics like "home is a feeling I buried in you," it's hard for closet softies like myself to turn down. Greenwheel changed their name to Go Van Gogh in 2007, and have released one album, Ruby & The Starlight Ballroom.

Jason Fioto
The only reason Jason made this list is because one of his songs is our prom song. And the only reason he's doing our prom song is because... he was on Laguna Beach. Despite this, Time To Go and Forever are actually pretty good songs. If you're a teenage girl, check out his EP Time To Go available on iTunes. He doesn't have a website (it appears the domain is being held for ransom), but this is almost better:
Akzeptierte Übermittlungen
Discoverockult, RockAdd, Bring On The Random Ones


  • tciar

    You've got an excellent compilation here. It's a very in depth and intriguing list. While I'm not big into the piano rock genre, I do not disagree that these highly underrated acts deserve more mention and recognition. Good work.

    23. Jun. 2008, 17:22
  • S9DallasOz

    Definitely a strong list.

    23. Jun. 2008, 20:30
  • Alfaddur

    Oh yeah, great ! My favorites are F48, TI and Headway.

    3. Jul. 2008, 17:31
  • redsoxchicklet

    I've just recently come across Ron Pope and Familiar 48. I love both. Great list you've got here and I'll definitely check them all out.

    1. Mär. 2009, 21:45
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