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    4. Dez. 2006, 23:38

    I open my journal with a test gacked to Orgueil!

    List ten bands/artists in no order:

    3)Depeche Mode
    4)Elio e le Storie Tese
    5)David Bowie
    6)Franco Battiato
    8)Marlene Kuntz
    9)Black Sabbath

    Favourite song by 6:
    => Battiato... that's a tough choice, they're all wonderful! But probably my current favourite is Le aquile non volano a stormi.

    How did you get into 9?
    => I was dating a guy who left me no pleasant memory but a mixed cd he burned for me... It had several rock classics from Hendrix to Led Zeppelin, and it included Paranoid and Iron Man, and that was my first concat with Sabbath.

    Who is the best looking member of 3?
    => Mhh, Depeche Mode... Definitely Dave Gahan!

    Best memory of 4:
    => Most definitely the live show I attended almost ten years ago in a theater that no longer exist, with a member of the band (Feiez) who's no longer with us. On the other hand, Elio e le storie tese is a comedic band, so although time has painted the memory with some melancholy, it was funny indeed.

    A friend that likes 10:
    => Well, my mother and my brother are Queen fans. It's definitely a family thing!

    Do you own 2's CD?
    => Er... On cd, I have only "Pop", which is the album where U2 started to lose their touch, IMO. I have all the previous albums on cassette - yes, I'm that old fashioned!

    How did 7 get their name?:
    => *thinks hard* I'm pretty sure I used to know that, but it seems I don't anymore... -_-;;

    Favourite video from 3:
    => Ohhh, can I list more than one? It's No Good because it's funny, Dream On because it's very dreamlike, Barrel of a Gun because it's creepy and that was the song that really got me into DM. But generally DM's videos are all of great quality.

    How many CD’s do you own by 5?
    => Four including the Best of.

    Do 8 and 9 have anything in common?
    => Marlene Kuntz and Black Sabbath? You must be kidding, man.

    Do 3 and 10 have anything in common?
    => ...Charismatic leader? Both British?

    Do 1 and 5 have anything in common?
    => easy: Berlin!

    A friend that likes 2?
    => In real life, I have at least a friend who's also an U2 fan... about the few I have here at, I don't know!

    A friend that hates 1:
    => same as above, and my roommate hates Rammstein - or at least, she's scared by them!

    How many times have you seen 9 live?
    => Never!ç_ç But I have a friend who did, does it count? :-P

    How many times have you seen 7 live?
    => Twice: in 2000 and 2006. Or was it 2005?

    How many times have you seen 1 live?
    => Never! T_________T! And seeing Rammstein performing live is an experience I want to have sooner or later!

    Favourite member of 2:
    => Bono... before he turned into a fulltime politician.

    Do you have any merch from 9?
    => Nope.

    What if 4 toured with 5?
    => Who knows, it would be interesting! After all, Bowie and Elio share a taste for musical experimentation! XD!

    First song you heard by 8:
    => Probably Canzone Di Oggi.

    Favourite song by 3:
    => Again, it's hard to pick up one! Let's say Walking in My Shoes!

    Have You Met 1?
    =>Unfortunately, no.

    Which is your favourite of these?:
    => I love them all, for different reasons... Can't choose!

    Least favourite?
    => See above! But I have to say, the ones I don't adore but "just" like a lot are Marlene Kuntz and Black Sabbath.