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Über mich

'Plaz Squidman' is the designation for a symbiotic life-form consisting of two parts: a sentient intelligence that lives, works, and amuses itself entirely in cyberspace, and a diseased sac of grotesque, disfigured meat that exists in a sedentary state in a dark room just north of Philadelphia.

The relationship of the two symbionts, though fraught with tension, is one of mutual benefit: the sac of meat supplies the intelligence with energy to facilitate its functioning, while the intelligence supplies the lump of meat with the means to acquire the organic compounds that fuel its metabolic processes.

The two entities, which together form a single unique life-form, have shared this relationship, more or less, for nearly 29 years.

Plasmatron-7 is narcissistic, mischievous, and fiercely intelligent, but, above all else is a self-serving entity that exists only for the purposes of expanding its own knowledge base, increasing its analytical and creative versatility, and amusing itself. Indeed, it is likely that its continued existence is only tolerated due to the peculiar fact that its pursuits occasionally result in unexpected benefits for other life-forms who might associate with it.
As no others like it have been found, it is unknown whether this life-form is capable of reproduction. However, studies have shown that, in its maturity, it is almost wholly asexual. It is hypothesized that the non-corporeal symbiont may reproduce itself via digital distribution of its accumulated data and computational algorithms across computer networks, eventually locating and installing itself within a new meat sac. The meat component appears to lack the sophistication to replicate itself, as its sole functions seem to deal entirely with the consumption of nutritive matter, the elimination of waste, and the occasional transport of its symbiont between computer terminals at times of mortal peril..