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2. Jun. 2008, 18:59

Latest bulletin from Pixies Palace :)


Electronicast, a show from the UK, is this week recording a 75 minute Pixies Palace special including tracks from a number of group artists selected by podcaster Snowy. Dementio13 Feat Pixieguts are guests on the show.
. . .
Congratz again to Northcape and the monotonik label for getting together to release Some Bright Valley. Great electronic artist and great electronic label! Free download.
. . .
The beautiful voice of Ana Gori is on offer for remix. One remix has already been completed by inn3rflow - who will take on the next one?
. . .
In the wake of Decabastard, a new group music-making project has been initiated by creeco aka Solid Electro. Check it out and get involved here.
. . .
Meanwhile the giant cybermusic collaboration at EI Network has samples/loops from 25 contributors so far - and they still need 25 more artists! A bunch of artists from here have already uploaded stuff there.
. . .
Cosmic Elephant Web Radio from the USA has joined us. The dulcet tones of presenter Cos are fantastic to listen to and he puts together diverse programs spanning electronic, indie, celtic, ambient, alternative and others. There is also a Cosmic Elephant Social Network for artists and listeners.
. . .
The second Electric Teaparty podcast from the EI Network is available now for download or streaming. Palace artists in the mix: Reconsiderate, CLING and Titee. Crazzzy show!
. . .
Snapshot of the top charting independent tracks, albums and artists connected to pixies palace - all are streamable, many are free downloads.

Top 10 tracks by Pixies Palace artists this week:

Shot At Midnight - Dementio13 Feat Pixieguts
Clearview - Dementio13 Feat Pixieguts
These Days - Nicken
Saint Anthony's Dream - HealeyIsland
Currawong Rise - Dementio13 Feat Pixieguts
One Moment (w Dementio13 + TRavvy) - Pixieguts
Pacific Highway - Dementio13 Feat Pixieguts
Spheric - Dementio13 Feat Pixieguts
Say What You Want - VFSix
Prahran - Dementio13 Feat Pixieguts

Top 10 albums by Pixies Palace artists this week:

Walking on Mercury - Pixieguts
Pixiegraf - Dementio13 Feat Pixieguts
vfsecret 2005 - VFSix
Mixed Sessions - Nicken
Dining on Backs of the Brave - Krackatoa
West Of Here Is West Of Here - HealeyIsland
First - Aleksandr Shubin
Odd Dots and Squiggles - Felixdroid
Drop Box - Herrera
The Remixes - Remergence

Top 10 Pixies Palace artists this week:

Dementio13 Feat Pixieguts
The Peach Tree

Charts are calculated on the number of member/listeners in each given week. Many other group artists appear just out of the Top 10s - you can check out the full charts here.

Top 10 artists in our charts overall as of now: David Bowie, Radiohead, Moby, The Beatles, The Cure, Boards of Canada, Bjork, Massive Attack, Portishead, Pink Floyd.

Welcome to all new members!


  • ARedFox

    thx for the welcoming ;) it will be interesting to hear that show & discover some more music in that way grtzz

    2. Jun. 2008, 19:17
  • zerofish9

    wow..U and D13 are a busy pair, I'll have to check out the Ana/inn3rflow mix too for sure,..she also has a great voice,..maybe the two of yoU should also do a mix as well? Shout@ Aerotek- he might be up for some tea and re-mixes, he has some good sounds in the realm! :)

    2. Jun. 2008, 19:43
  • HealeyIsland

    Another great bulletin Pix - lots of news - lots going on. Glad to see HealeyIsland back in the charts again after a quiet few weeks - thanks to those people who listened.

    2. Jun. 2008, 20:20
  • gamoneterik

    d13 and pixieguts rockin the charts, congratz to you both and to all the other artists up there. look out for an ana gori remix by me very soon peeps...

    3. Jun. 2008, 6:21
  • Nicken05

    i'm really excited i got sucked into this community here. pleasure to see my charts-positioning. i really like to participate in collaborations in near future (not quite yet, since i'm really busy studying atm). but so long, thanks for listening and letting me take part of this whole thing here!

    3. Jun. 2008, 10:40
  • Remergence

    WooHoo Remergence in the top 10.... ;)

    3. Jun. 2008, 12:40
  • Pixieguts

    cheerz for the comments, looking forward to The Peach Tree meets Ana Gori! warm welcome to you and your fantastic sounds, Nicken! luv 2 yas all! :)

    5. Jun. 2008, 1:50
  • EVTmusic

    Excellent job Pixie! I'm happy to see Corrientes is doing well here :) Lot's of great artists around these parts! -ev

    5. Jun. 2008, 20:05
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