• Music Survey

    19. Jun. 2006, 16:31

    Post your current fifteen top artists, the first song you heard, the song that you fell in love with, and your current favorite.

    Before I start, I have to admit that these are all artists who topped in like... 2004 and early 2005 more than now. I still listen to them all of course, just not as much. XD

    1. Linkin Park
    First Song Heard: With You
    Fell In Love With: Points Of Authority
    Current Favorite: My December

    2. Lifehouse
    First Song Heard: Unknown
    Fell In Love With: Sick Cycle Carousel
    Current Favorite: Only One & Sick Cycle Carousel

    3. Garbage
    First Song Heard: Medication
    Fell In Love With: Androgyny
    Current Favorite: You Look So Fine

    4. Michelle Branch
    First Song Heard: You Set Me Free
    Fell In Love With: All You Wanted
    Current Favorite:
    Tuesday Morning

    5. EvanceScence
    First Song Heard: Everybody's Fool
    Fell In Love With: Tourniquet
    Current Favorite: Tourniquet

    6. Placebo
    First Song Heard: Drowning By Numbers
    Fell In Love With: Every Me Every You
    Current Favorite: English Summer Rain

    7. Killing Heidi
    First Song Heard: Weir
    Fell In Love With: A Jar Labelled Small
    Current Favorite: A Jar Labelled Small

    8. Vertical Horizon
    First Song Heard: Shackeled
    Fell In Love With: Everything You Want
    Current Favorite: Underwater

    9. Hoobastank
    First Song Heard: Let You Know
    Fell In Love With: Better
    Current Favorite: Crawling In The Dark

    10. Something for Kate
    First Song Heard: Three Dimensions
    Fell In Love With: Monsters
    Current Favorite: Seasick

    11. Switchfoot
    First Song Heard: Meant To Live
    Fell In Love With: This Is Your Life
    Current Favorite: Beautiful Letdown

    12. The Superjesus
    First Song Heard: Saturation
    Fell In Love With: Gravity
    Current Favorite: Gravity & Honeyrider

    13. Tonic
    First Song Heard: Head On Straight
    Fell In Love With: Take Me As I Am
    Current Favorite: Casual Affair

    14. Goo Goo Dolls
    First Song Heard: Naked... or Name. (one of those.)
    Fell In Love With: Acoustic #3
    Current Favorite: Black Balloon

    15. The Exies
    First Song Heard: Can't Relate
    Fell In Love With: F.S.O.S & Ugly
    Current Favorite: Without & My Goddess