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e.MUSummer Day's Drive 25. Apr., 6:20
The Common LinnetsCalm After The Storm (Radio Edit) 15. Apr., 2:09
MollyChildren of the Universe 15. Apr., 1:58
Twin TwinMoustache 15. Apr., 1:55
SoftengineSomething Better 15. Apr., 1:52
Ruth LorenzoDancing in the Rain 15. Apr., 1:49
TanjaAmazing 15. Apr., 1:46
ElaizaIs It Right 15. Apr., 1:43
SebalterHunter of Stars (Switzerland) 15. Apr., 1:40
Dilara KazimovaStart A Fire (Azerbaijan) 15. Apr., 1:37
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Über mich

Hey there! I'm Arianne. I mainly use to track my listening habits and discover new music. Recommend something to me!

Current commute CD:

Newest album:
From the Stairwell

To listen - short term:
*Habits Of The Heart
*She - God her first album is so good. Gonna love hearing what she's been up to during the last seven years.
*Pura Vida Conspiracy - I really need to see these guys live at some point.
*JPN - I think ねぇ is the only song I know on this (yeah, I always seem to miss singles? I'm terrible), so looking forward to some new (to me) material!
*e-akustik - Acoustic maNga? You have my attention.
*Master of My Make-Believe - 'bout time!! How did I miss this release? Can't wait to listen!
*Ô Houria - Haven't gotten a chance yet to sit down and fully appreciate it, but what I have heard is as lovely as I've come to expect from her. Just wish I didn't have to wait five years between albums! Oh well, whatever it takes.
*My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy - Amazing, fierce, wonderful, of all time, etc.

To listen - long term:
*David Bowie, Berlin Trilogy - I really need to get off my ass and actually listen to it sometime. What the hell kind of fan am I, I mean really.
*HOCUS POCUS - Got behind in my Kaela and need to catch up.
*Dig more deeply into Caetano Veloso's discography.
*Continue picking away at my list of definitive jazz albums. Latest: The Black Saint And The Sinner Lady

Last show:
*12/31/10 - Les Miserables - Warsaw, Poland (Teatr Muzyczny ROMA)

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