a morthrefarkingn her0n, O! Holy, Holy, Holy!, Iran…Zuletzt gesehen: Mai 2012

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i am a heron. i ahev a long neck and i pick fish out of the water w/ my beak. if you dont repost this comment on 10 other pages i will fly into your kitchen tonight and make a mess of your pots and pans

bird beats from the bottom of the bottle!
a lazy flight! the blessed blight! spinning gold on a sunday!

A short while later he was pulled out of the elevator and he went straight to the church to thank God. He seems to have embraced a stone pillar on which the stone altar was perched and it fell on him, killing him instantly. We have found his fingerprints on the pillar. We are now investigating the case further.

oh my son! 12 years in the desert, and still the sun averts its gaze! where shall you find rest, when sleep becomes tiring?