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Lethal Bizzlepow2011 17. Jul. 2014
The StreetsCan't Con an Honest John 17. Jul. 2014
Kanye WestHold My Liquor 17. Jul. 2014
P. Diddy, Black Rob & Mark CurryBad Boy For Life 17. Jul. 2014
The StreetsWithout Thinking 17. Jul. 2014
Dizzee RascalDance Wiv Me 17. Jul. 2014
Jay-ZWhy I Love You 17. Jul. 2014
LudacrisArea Codes 17. Jul. 2014
Kanye WestGood Life 17. Jul. 2014
G-UnitPoppin' Them Thangs 17. Jul. 2014
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Über mich

Let's get straight to me, myself and music huh?

Thankfully my ears are open to every genre of music you could dream of, I'm open-minded. One day I'll rave it up, the next day I'll rock it up and I'll never judge the people in my surroundings.

What are these chavs? Who are these emos? Why are they called goths? I don't care. Music is music, people are people and I'm here to embrace these things and enjoy them.

I don't have a preference as to my favourite 'type' of music but I do have a favourite genre which happens to be electro/synth/indie/rock. Hell I know it's obscure! If you want a defining band check out Late of the Pier, one of my all-time favourite bands.

Thanks and goodnight.

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