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Hey, my name is Per.

mercilessx3 is world's most beautiful girl. She's the girl of my dreams and life.

My favorite kind of music is the big genre of Rock. Now lately I've been heavily into the 70's hard rock/progressive rock bands, but I tend to like rock music from the Rock N' Roll of the 50's and up to the 90's Extreme Metal... With a few exceptions, but a good mix IMO.

I also have a big interest in classical music, mostly from the Baroque and the Classicism periods, but some acappella music from the Renaisance... Heck, even from the medieval period doesn't hurt! Also, I do like some of the composers from the Romantic era, and a few 20th century composers + contemporary classical music.

Also I need to add that I like some Blues and Jazz when the mood is right.
All in all, long story made short: I like music that sounds GOOD in my ears!

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