The Light on Trojka's LP3 chart. Thank you!!!


8. Mai. 2009, 2:44

Hi everybody,

I never really feel I can thank you all enough. So I will try again ;)
Another big thank you to everyone who has supported my music thus far and making it possible for The Light to do so well on the Trojka chart in Poland.

I'm in the process of editing an official video for the song in which I will appear. Stay tuned to my YouTube Channel
In the meantime I've put up a video made with stock footage.

For access to my music anytime visit my website
Feel free to email me message me anytime as well with suggestions or any idea that may come to you. I need all the help I can get :)

Thanks again. Sincerely,

Pedro Costa
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  • BelaPortuguesa

    Parabems primo :)

    8. Mai. 2009, 16:10
  • rabidmoon

    You're welcome, Pedro :) One vote from me.

    14. Mai. 2009, 0:09
  • pawe341992

    It's pleasure for us ;D

    11. Nov. 2009, 22:58
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